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10 Steps to Meet the Love of Your Life and to Keep Her

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Are you ready to meet the woman of your dream and to keep her for as long as you want? You never know when you’ll run into your dream girls. The question is can you attract her naturally without really trying? Can you lure a woman into great conversation? Can you get a date with her right away?

When you’re ready to meet the love of your life, it is important for you to figure out exactly what type of woman you want. Ask yourself what type of woman makes you happy, including:

  • What is your desired woman’s age range?
  • What is her education level?
  • What about her intelligence?
  • Is her race important to you?
  • What about her personality?
  • How attractive does she have to be?
  • What body type she should have?

You can come up with more, but you rarely run into a perfect woman because nobody is perfect. You have to be realistic and expect a woman that you will be happy with. Love is not a one-way street, and she must love you the same way for a total happiness.

Once you’re ready, you must work on your personality and attraction skills before expecting any success with women. You’ll need to learn:

  • How to approach a woman
  • How to understand her body language
  • How to start and carry on a good conversation
  • How to attract women and build chemistry
  • How to keep her and improve relationship

The list can go on and on, but the above is the least you can do to start a good relationship. The more girls you start dating the better chance you will have to improve your skills and to run into your dream woman.

Girls are born to live in fantasies and dreams, but your look or your money will not help you win her admiration and passion to saying yes. Every woman likes a smart and confident guy. This will tell them that they will be secured and emotionally will be taken care of.

Attraction is what makes 90 percent of women to say yes. Once you master how to attract women, you will have no problem in dating as many women as you desire until you finally settle with the right woman who fulfills your dreams.

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Here are 10 tips to meet the love of your life and to keep her:

1. You have to be ready to start a loving relationship. Starting a new relationship takes time, commitment, and responsibilities.

2. From the beginning, you have to be yourself, open, kind, and fun to be around. If you can make her laugh, you have done 90% of the job.

3. Women in general are attracted to confident men. If you are faking and not sure of yourself, you will turn off women before you take the first step. Don’t brag or put on a show. Try to be yourself all the time.

4. Women like to be around a man who is happy, full of life, adventurous, kind, and a good listener. She doesn’t want to commit her heart to someone who is sad all the time, untrustworthy, selfish, and unclean.

5. You have to be at the right place and at the right time. The right place is where she is relaxed and ready to meet someone, such as beaches, parks, tourist spots, and so on. Visit such places where she may be and where you think your ideal girl hangs out.

6. Be ready to start a conversation. Avoid serious subjects, such as politics, your job, her job, etc. The subject should be something fun and interesting.

7. Beware that long distance relationships seldom work. You should try to meet quality singles that live near you.

8. There is no such thing as a perfect love relationship. There are times of disagreements and arguments. You need to learn to forgive. Forgiveness means you are giving up your right to get even. If you don’t forgive, not only you will fail to make a relationship last, but also you become a prisoner of your own bitterness and anger.

9. Love relationship requires commitment. You have to be faithful to her if you expect her to be faithful to you.

10. Try to build fun memories with her by going to different places with her. Go somewhere she enjoys to be. Good memories are what make a relationship to last.

By Michael Tavelloni – 2019 – Update 2020
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