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30 Best Ways to Win the Heart of a Woman

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What are the best ways to win a woman’s heart forever? Do you want to capture her heart so she cannot resist you? What steps do you take right after you meet her? if you want to learn how to win a girl’s heart, keep reading.

In order to win a woman’s heart, you have to understand her and take some action. Women are different in characters, but every woman wants to love and be loved. However, there are certain things you can do to win her heart.

Here are 30 best ways to win the heart of a woman:

1. Be confident and never try to be someone you’re not.

2. Learn to be charismatic and women will be attracted to you.

3. Try to be positive all the time. Set goals and try to accomplish your goals within a reasonable period of time. You will not only be successful with women, but in life. Remember that everyone fails at some point, but smart people learn from their mistakes.

4. Stop being selfish. If you want to win her heart, pay attention to her and her needs. Women like it when you notice some things about them, such as their eyes, hairstyles, beauty, dress, or whatever they care about. Pay attention to her and give her a complement such as, “You’re the most intelligent woman I’ve ever known.”

5. Try to complement her, but don’t go overboard. Make sure your complements are truly sincere.

6. Rather than talking about your goals and accomplishments, ask her about her goals, interests, hobbies, and bring up subjects that she likes to discuss.

7. Be a good listener and don’t interrupt her when she is talking. Pay attention to her and show that you’re listening to her by keeping an eye contact.

8. Show your appreciation and thank her for anything she does for you. Let her know how much you miss her when she is not around.

9. Women love to feel special. They love to feel they are the prettiest, sexiest, and most intelligent creature in the world. Find something unique about her and bring it to her attention.

10. Try to be reliable. Women look for men they can trust and lean onto. She wants a man who can make her feel safe and secure. Show that you are not going to be a burden, but someone she can count on, and show it by your action.

11. Take extra care for her when she feels sad or sick. You may try to cook her favorite meal or take her to a restaurant that offers the meals she enjoys.

12. Don’t talk about your last relationships or bad experiences you had with women.

13. Try to bring the fun into life by finding enjoyable things she likes to do.

14. Ask for her advice and listen to her carefully. Make her feel important and show that you value her opinions.

15. Be kind and show that you care for her and willing to help her to reach her goals. Talk about her goals, her needs, and her problems she wants to solve. Be willing to work together as a team to deal with challenges.

16. Try to be a real gentleman and always show your respect for her and never take her for granted.

17. Spend quality time with her. Take her to beaches, parks, walk on a trail, go shopping together, and places she likes to be.

18. Build memories with her by taking her to short or long trips where it will be the two of you and to places she would enjoy her time with you.

19. Be romantic by touching her, kissing her unexpectedly, hogging her, and looking romantic without being lustful.

20. Give her a neck and back massage to make her feel relaxed when she is tired or tense, or just do it to make her feel good when she needs it.

21. Don’t try to force your ideas on her, but give her some room to express herself without being intimidating.

22. Try to be a little mysterious, adventures, and sometime hard to get.

23. Show your passion. Women get bored with men who are serious all the time. Try to be happy and keep her happy.

24. Never brag or show off. Be honest with your strength and weaknesses.

25. Try to meet her needs and make her feel safe around you.

26. Don’t wait until her birthday or Christmas before you give her a gift. Give her unexpected gift to show you care and think about her.

27. Don’t be overly formal. Wear casual and sporty, but formal in special occasion when you need to. Always try to stay clean and dress clean. Try cologne that’s not strong. Focus on wearing things that you know she likes.

28. Always try to be in a positive and good mood. Make your date fun rather than doing the same things all the time. Plan a surprise picnic for her. Play her favorite music and tell her to sit with you and relax. If you try to bring up a smile in her without acting like a fool, she will love you for that.

29. Try to stay healthy and fit. Eat healthy foods and exercise on a regular basis. It makes a difference how you treat her, but it also matters how you take care of yourself.

30. Give her some space. You don’t want to show that you need her all the time. There are times you have to be strong and stand on your ground as long as you’re reasonable. If you are the only one calling her and chasing her around, you’re in a losing battle. You want to attract her, but not constantly chasing her around.

By Michael Tavelloni – 2019 – Update 2020
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