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How to Start and Operate Your Own Profitable Business At Home

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How to Start and Operate Your

Own Profitable Business At Home

Join the hundreds of successful beginners who are

prospering in their own profitable business at home!

Are you getting tired of your nine to five job just to make ends meet? Have you tried to start your own business at home and failed?

Now, at last, for those who seriously want to start their own profitable business at home there is a guaranteed way. It’s called “How to Start and Operate Your Own Profitable Business at Home”. This incredible book is complete. It covers everything from “A” to “Z”. It’s easy to read and explains everything you need to know… step-by-step – to start your own successful business at home.

The Possible Dream

For many people, starting their own money-making business seems like a dream that never comes true. They think it requires special talent and lots of capital and only a few can succeed. But nothing is further from reality than this thought. Just look around you. You see lots of self-made millionaires with no formal education who started with nothing. One thing they all had in common, however, is a strong belief. They believed in themselves and in their ideas.

Now you, too, can start any one of these seven most profitable businesses revealed in this incredible book. Hundreds of people have made thousands of dollars through each one of these businesses.

Seven Most Profitable Businesses

These are the most profitable home based businesses that can be found in America today. The amazing thing about every one of these ventures is that it doesn’t require much capital. Unlike the majority of businesses where you need a large capital outlay of $10,000 to $15,000 just to get started, you can start on a shoe string and make a great deal of money in a short period of time.

Another unique feature is that you can work at home. You don’t need an office – you can start at your kitchen table. And you’ll probably make so much money that you can quit your job if you want to.


None of these enterprises are get-rich-quick schemes. They are, however, proven get-rich-slow programs. If you ever dreamed of the freedom of operating your own profitable business, then this is for you!

While you are reading this, hundreds of people are making thousands of dollars every month – part time – with these fascinating ventures. Now you have the opportunity to do exactly what they are doing. You too can easily be the proud owner of your own successful business, earning thousands of dollars in your spare time… and best of all – in the privacy of your own home!

Start Now

This amazing book gives you step-by-step instruction on how to start your own favorite business at home and prosper in the years to come. There are seven hot, profitable programs you can choose from. Pick the one which interests you the most. Every one of them is proven to make you money. They’ve made thousands of dollars for their owners. And now, for the first time ever, they are all revealed in this fascinating book. So place your order NOW… don’t wait to get in on this incredible opportunity!


How to Start and Operate Your Own Profitable

Mail Order Business at Home

This special book shows you how you can begin your own profitable mail order business on a shoestring – even in your spare time while holding your present job.

Richard Sears was a telegraph operator in his younger days, with little capital. He initially sent friends and fellow operators handwritten letters, and sold them watches. From this unusual, small beginning, the multi-million dollar empire of Sears, Roebuck & Co has been created.

Mail order is the perfect business to start at home with very little capital, in your spare time. This incredible book gives you the inside secrets of the most successful mail order companies. And it shows how to build your own steady, profitable mail order business at home with no risk and low-investment. Today, mail order selling is a multi-billion dollar segment of the nation’s economy.

This amazing book shows you:

  • The hidden feature in mail order that determines success
  • Which products sell fastest and have the least competition
  • Negotiating the best prices for products in quantity
  • Professional tips on creating a dynamic sales package
  • Expand with more products or more advertising – which brings more profit?
  • How to turn your product delivery into more sales

But there’s still more! You’ll find out about the confidential trade secrets of mail order advertising. How you can actually get FREE advertising in national magazines which have over one million readers.


How to Make a Fortune with Classified Ads

Classified ads are the best dollar-for-dollar return in advertising, and you can earn a huge profit for your low cost investment. They are easy to write and you can reap hundreds of dollars in return.

If you’re a beginner or an old pro, you can easily have a steady second income or develop a stable, full-time business through classifieds. This book will guide you step-by-step through the most significant trade secrets you can learn.

This dynamic material covers:

  • How to find what sells fast
  • What you can sell through classified ads
  • Where to place the classified ads and have your orders double
  • What is the best approach – straight sale from your ad or to give free details?
  • How to save money placing classified ads without sacrificing important copy
  • How to select the proper media for your product
  • How to write winning ads
  • How to test and compare results for bigger profits
  • How to make more from a winning ad and keep those orders coming for years
  • Six ways to get a greater response and make a huge profit
  • How to get higher returns on your orders and keep your customers ordering again and again

And much more…


How to Set Up Your Own In-House Advertising

Agency… and Save Up to 17% of

Advertising Costs

Why not save money when you place your own ads? With special tips in this amazing book, you’ll learn how to save up to 17% of the advertising fees – with little cost to you. Not only major businesses have their own in-house agencies. Many small and large distributors of thousands of products have used these same methods to save money.

You’ll learn how to determine advertising rates, how to place ads, and what size ad will sell your product best. The basic components of great ads are discussed to give you the best guidance you can get.

Here are some of the highlights presented in this amazing book:

  • How to get advertisements with the best position in leading national magazines FREE
  • How and where to get all the information you need for placing an ad in any magazine or newspaper
  • What is the frequency discount and how you can benefit from it
  • How to get free editorial mention
  • A sample of a professional ad insertion order ready for you to use
  • How to determine the rates you pay and take your 17% discount
  • The best words to use that grab attention
  • How to establish immediate credit for your ad agency

And much more…


How to Sell Information by Mail

This incredible book shows you why selling information is one of the most profitable business operations in America today. And how you can start your own small business on a shoestring – and make it flourish.

It’s written for beginner, but amazingly, it contains professional tips learned from years of experience and thousands of dollars spent in this business.

Why is selling information one of the most profitable business operations in this country today? Because first of all, there’s a low investment and high returns involved in selling information. And second, millions of people are looking for the specific information you can provide.

Right now, you have all you need to start a steady business at home and earn all the extra money you want. It doesn’t take experience or expertise to run your own selling information business. All you need is the desire to make it work.

This comprehensive book covers every particular you’ll need to know to get started. Here’s some of the essential information you’ll find in this valuable book:

  • How to get thousands of dollars worth of advertising absolutely FREE
  • How to prepare a manuscript even if you’re not a writer
  • Sources on writing headlines that bring in money
  • Secrets you should know so it would be hard to make a mistake even if you tried
  • How to save time on your research
  • How to choose topics that sell
  • The best way to find a professional ghost writer in your area to do the writing for you
  • How to save money on your printing

And much more…


How to Publish Your Own Newsletter

You can start your profitable newsletter publishing business with virtually no overhead and a very little investment, and build up to making profits in the six-figure bracket.

Many newsletter subscriptions range from $35 to $400 per year – some much higher. In fact, opportunities for newsletters exist in every field you can imagine.

This book describes the specific facts you’ll need on hand to publish your newsletter. There are directions on where your buyers are and how to reach them. And you’ll find great tips on style and format that save you money.

This amazing book gives you all you need to know to profit handsomely including:

  • Why newsletters get subscription rates up to $400 (or more) per year
  • Why the newsletter business has become a major boom in publishing
  • How you can start your own newsletter, even if you don’t have much money to invest
  • How to have a hit newsletter with much valuable information even if you don’t know how to write
  • How to publicize your newsletter and get subscribers nationwide through your local newspaper, radio and TV stations, all done for you FREE
  • How to choose the correct subscription rate for your newsletter
  • Where to get subscribers without paying any list fees
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes that put most beginners out of work

And much more…


How to Start and Operate Your Own Profitable

Import/Export Business at Home

Operating your own import-export company is one of the biggest opportunities in the world that you can start very easily.

You don’t need an inventory, warehouses, or boats! It’s a business that can be operated out of your own home – with minimum or no overhead.

From this powerful book, you’ll learn how high your commission can be, and how to move the goods that will make you the big money. It covers the specific details of finding the buyers, developing reliable contacts, and getting people to do the job for you.

You’ll discover the best methods to secure agreements, get the most advantageous terms, and be certain you’ll get your money. Everybody needs you! Manufacturers want to sell their products, and thousands of stores are looking for imported goods to sell. This is a business with great profit potential – and it’s encouraged by the U.S. Government.

The valuable information in this book is based on many years of actual experience in this trade. No theory. It shows you how you can be in direct contact with the original below-wholesale source for all your product buys.

You get every single bit of information that you need to start your profitable import-export business. This special book includes:

  • What qualities you should have to be successful in this fascinating business
  • A list of agencies that will help you succeed in your new import-export business FREE of charge
  • Establishing reliable agents who work for you – without paying them out of your pocket
  • How to get free samples of products from most manufacturers
  • Which countries give you the best bargains
  • Special tips that show which products are good buys for you to import
  • Sources for finding the names of hundreds of overseas suppliers of profitable imports
  • How to determine the difference between a high-profit potential and a real loser
  • Taking advantage of all the tax breaks importing
  • Keeping money in your bank, under your terms until cargo is safely delivered
  • Where to get government regulations on import-export and use them to your advantage


How to Make Up to $750 Next Weekend

Here’s the best guide to quick cash… This amazing book gives you the facts you need to turn “stored potential” into real money. Turn a $10 investment into a $50 profit. It also shows you the art of buying at the lowest prices and where to get things for FREE.

This unusual book gives you the best practical advice for making money with new and used objects. If you need ready cash, or just want to begin your own successful side business (or even a profitable full-time enterprise), this is your complete guide.

This incredible book shows you:

  • How to tell the difference between valuable good-selling objects and junk
  • The insiders’ tips on the art of buying and how to get the best prices
  • The pricing differences between period pieces and real antiques
  • Where to pick up things for free to sell at a tremendous profit
  • The professional’s tip on the best time to shop
  • Dozens of ideas for making crafts to sell at fairs and swap meets
  • How to get free publicity and advertising for your merchandise
  • The art of reselling and what you should know about your customers

And much more…

Free Bonuses

Your book also includes the following three valuable and informative bonuses Free.


How to Accomplish Anything You Want in Life


How to Get Free Publicity for Your Business


Secrets of the Richest People

Additional Free Bonus Gift

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Just to say thanks for your order and to keep you as a loyal customer, we will include additional 53 reports (total of 263 pages, with the retail value of over $50). It is yours for free. However, we may remove this additional bonus in the future at any time without a notice.

Each of these reports has been carefully researched and documented by the Research Writers & Publishers Associations. You’ll find all of them to be original, comprehensive guides written in an easy-to-understand manner that will either help you to make more money from your present endeavors, or to start a profitable business of your own. All have been approved, and are endorsed by the American Society of Entrepreneurial Wealth Builders…

Here what they are:

  1. How To Start Your Own Successful Business Consulting Service
  1. How To Make Big Money With Your Own Business Financing Service
  1. How And Where To Get Money For A Franchise Idea
  1. How To Start And Operate Your Own Bartering Club
  1. How To Start Your Own Highly Profitable Resume Writing Service
  1. How To Start Your Own Day Care Center
  1. How To Start Your Own Credit And Debt Counseling Service
  1. How To Start Your Own Million Dollar Temporary Help Service
  1. How To Start Your Own Paper Recycling Business
  1. How To Start Your Own Mobile Locksmithing Service
  1. How To Start Your Own Auto Tune-Up Shop
  1. How To Start & Operate Your Own Firewood Supply Business
  1. How To Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business
  1. How To Start Your Own House And Apartment Cleaning Service
  1. How To Make $5,000 A Month Or More With Garage Sales
  1. How To Start Your Own Highly Profitable Catering Service
  1. How To Start Your Own Home-Based Secretarial Service
  1. How To Start A Telephone Answering Service
  1. How To Start Your Own Successful Window Washing Service
  1. How To Start A Money Brokerage Business
  1. Bed And Breakfast – The Easiest Home-Based Business
  1. How To Start A Roommate Finding Service
  1. How To Start A Dating and Escort Service
  1. How To Start Your Own Bulletin Board Advertising Service
  1. How To Make Big Dollars With Bumper Stickers
  1. Camera Profits – Using Your Camera For Extra Money
  1. A Checklist Of Questions To Answer Before You Buy A Franchise
  1. How To Start A Profitable Home-Based Business
  1. How To Raise Money For Starting A Business
  1. Secrets To Successfully Starting Your Own Business
  1. How To Prepare A Business Plan That Guarantees Big Profits
  1. The Inside Secrets Of Free Publicity For Your Business
  1. Legalities & Tax Advantages In A Home Business
  1. How To Set Up A Tax-Saving Bookkeeping System
  1. Secrets Of Getting Free Advertising
  1. How To Get Free Radio Advertising
  1. How To Achieve Excellence In Sales
  1. How To Find Authoritative Background On Any Subject
  1. How To Make Your Fortune With Self-Improvement Seminars
  1. How To Make Big Profits In Mail Order Starting From Scratch
  1. Money-Makers’ Guide To Easy Mail Order Riches
  1. How To Write A Folio
  1. The Secrets Of Making Money With Folios
  1. How To Write Money-Making “How-To” Reports
  1. Super Profitable New Techniques For Selling Books By Mail
  1. How To Achieve Success With Your Own Money-Making Newsletter
  1. How & Where To Advertise
  1. How To Write Profitable Classified Ads
  1. The Do’s And Don’ts Of Profitable Mail Order Ads
  1. How To Write “Order-Pulling” Ads
  1. The Selling Secret Of Million Dollar Sales Letters
  1. How To Recruit Dealer/Distributors To Sell For You
  1. How To Develop A Worldwide Distributor Network

The best part, you don’t have to wait days for it to arrive in the mail or pay for shipping charges. You can instantly download the entire book in PDF format. It is a total of 426 pages, including all the bonuses, 8½ x 11 inches (21 x 28 cm) format.

You have the option of viewing it on your computer or tablet screen at any size you prefer and print any portion or the entire pages of this book and place it in a 3-ring binder if you prefer to keep a physical copy.

We decided to have this manual only in digital format and to pass the saving to you to quickly access this exciting and unique information. Remember, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

Publisher’s List Price $29  Now Just $19.97 If You Order Today

100% Risk Free Guarantee

We think you’ll love this e-book. Feel free to review it for 30 days. If for any reason, you are not delighted, after you have examined it for 30 days, you may contact us for a prompt and courteous refund, no questions will be asked.

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