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How to Have Super Sex For Life

Table of Contents

(8 ½″ x 11″ Page Format)

Introduction 7
Chapter 1 Going through Perimenopause and Menopause Syndrome 9
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) 10
Estrogen’s Role in Your Sex Life 11
Estrogen’s Role in Your Skin 12
How Estrogen Affects Your Hair 13
Risks of HRT 13
How to Keep Menopause from Slowing You Down 13
Health Benefits of Soy 14
Health Benefits of Flax Seeds 15
Chapter 2 Common Causes of Impotence and Sexual Dysfunction 17
Major Causes of Impotence 17
Deterioration of Nerve Receptors in the Brain 20
Prostate Disease 21
Chapter 3 How to Delay or Prevent Prostate Disease 23
Benefits of Pumpkin Seed for Prostate 23
Benefits of Saw Palmetto for Prostate 24
Benefits of Pomegranate for Prostate 25
Chapter 4 Necessary Hormones – for Men and Women 26
Testosterone Level in Men 26
Symptoms of Low Testosterone 26
Benefits of Testosterone in Men 27
Benefits of Testosterone in Women 29
Chapter 5 Boosting Your Sex Drive with Natural Hormones 30
Androstenedione 32
Chapter 6 How to Boost Testosterone Levels – The Keys to Great Sex 34
Why Testosterone is Crucial for Your Body? 35
10 Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels 37
Chapter 7 Powerful Secrets to Supercharge Your Sex Drive for Life 42
Natural Aphrodisiac for Men 43
Natural Aphrodisiac for Women 43
Increasing Your Sexual Potency for Life 44
Proper Meal for Super Potency 45
Chapter 8 Exciting New Ways to Increase Sexual Desire and Performance 46
Sexual Stimulant 46
Nutrients – Your Key to Looking and Feeling Younger 47
Vitamins and Minerals 54
Chapter 9 Herbs Restores Sex Drive 57
Chapter 10 Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) 64
How to Have Safer Sex 66
Conclusion 68