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How to Look 10 Years Younger Without Plastic Surgery

Table of Contents

(8 ½″ x 11″ Page Format)

Introduction 11
Chapter 1 How to Slow the Aging Clock 14
Prime Cause of Aging 14
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) 15
How to Naturally Increase DHEA in Your Body 18
How to Boost Hormonal Health and Defeat Hormonal Aging 19
Chapter 2 Secrets to Slowing Down Aging Process 22
Layers of Skin 22
Factors That Influence the Aging of Your Skin 24
Wrinkles: Why They Happen and How to Fight Them 26
Preventing Wrinkles from Forming 28
How to Slow Down Skin Aging 29
How to keep Your Skin Young 30
Chapter 3 How to Defeat the Leading Cause of Aging 32
Proper Skin Care for Younger Looking Skin 34
How to Shield Your Skin from UV Radiation 34
How to Evaluate and Use the Proper Sunscreen 35
Proper Use of Moisturizers 37
The Effect of Moisturizers on Your Skin 38
How to Choose a Good Moisturizer 38
Skin Care: Advice for All Ages 40
Chapter 4 Wrinkles: What Works and What Doesn’t 43
Finding the Best Anti-Aging Skin Products 44
How to Have a Beautiful Skin at Any Age 45
Healthy Eating for Healthy Skin 46
Taking Adequate Nutrients 50
Chapter 5 Breakthrough Skin Care Treatments for
Turning Back the Clock
Age-Defying Home Care Treatments Using AHAs 52
Age-Defying Home Care Treatments Using Retin-A 55
Using Vitamin C Cream for Younger Looking Skin 58
How to Keep Your Skin Looking its Best at Any Age 59
Chapter 6 Advanced Treatments for a More Youthful Skin 61
Photo Rejuvenation for Younger-Looking Skin 61
Non-Ablative Laser Facial Resurfacing 62
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) 63
Ablative Laser Resurfacing 64
Coblation 65
Collagen Injection 66
Chemical Peels 67
Look Years Younger Without Surgery 69
Chapter 7 Proven New Secrets to Look Years Younger 71
How to Get Rid of Double Chin Naturally 71
Proper Facial Exercise for Best Results 72
How to Eliminate Cellulite 72
How to Have a Face Lift without Surgery 73
Chapter 8 How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow New Hair 75
What Causes Hair Damage? 75
Common Causes of Hair Loss 76
Major Causes of Hair Loss 76
How to Stop Hair Loss 78
Approved FDA Treatments for Hair Loss 79
Natural Treatments for Hair Loss 80
What is the Benefits of Ketoconazole? 82
Choosing the Right Hair Care Products 83
Recommended Nutrients for Healthy Hair 85
13 Ways to Have a Healthy Looking Hair 86
Chapter 9 How to Protect Yourself from Stress and Depression 89
What You Can Do to Control Aging and Depression 90
Nutrients and Physical Activities 92
Become Spiritual 93
Chapter 10 Should You Consider Plastic Surgery? 95
Double Chin Surgery 95
Nose Surgery 95
Eyelid Surgery 95
Face-Lift 96
Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon 96
PART II Guaranteed Way to Lose Weight and Keep it Off Forever Without Dieting 99
Chapter 11 Weight Loss: What Works and What Doesn’t 100
Causes of Gaining Excess Weight 101
How to Measure Your Body Fat 101
Body Mass Index 102
How Digestion System Work 103
Benefits of Eating Fruits 105
What Happen When You Change Your Eating Habit? 106
Chapter 12 Crash Diet Don’t Work 107
Why Diet is Ineffective? 107
How to Achieve Healthy Rapid Weight Loss 108
Is Low-Calorie Diet Good for You? 109
Carbohydrate and Fat in Diet System 110
Beware of Hormones 110
Chapter 13 Planning for Successful Permanent Weight Loss 112
Why Do You Need to Exercise? 114
How Grapefruit Can Help You Lose Weight 116
The Benefits of Dark Chocolate in Your Diet 116
How to Lose Abdominal Fat and Flatten Your Stomach 117
Chapter 14 How to Lower Your Cholesterol 118
High Blood Cholesterol 118
How to Lower Your High Blood Cholesterol 118
Protein 119
Fat 120
Carbohydrate 120
Fiber 121
Vitamins 121
Caffeine 121
Chapter 15 Why You Need an Anti-Inflammatory Diet? 122
The Health Benefits of (Organic) Apple Cider Vinegar 126
The Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper 127
The Health Benefits of Turmeric 127
The Health Benefits of Almond 128
The Health Benefits of Lemon 129
The Health Benefits of Olive Oil 129
The Health Benefits of Watermelons 130
Health Benefits of Avocados 130
Health Benefits of Saw Palmetto 132
Health Benefits of Pomegranate 132
Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Seed Oil 134
Garlic and Onion Health Benefits 137
Health Benefits of Soy 138
Health Benefits of Flax Seeds 139
Guide to Choosing Low-Saturated Fats, Low-Cholesterol Foods 141
Appendix 1: Recommended Daily Calorie Allowance 142
Appendix 2: Desirable Weights for Men and Women 143
Appendix 3: Meats 145
Appendix 4: Poultry 148
Appendix 5: Fish and Shellfish 150
Appendix 6: Dairy and Egg Products 153
Appendix 7: Frozen Desserts 155
Appendix 8: Fats and Oils 157
Appendix 9: Nuts and Seeds 159
Appendix 10: Breads, Cereals, Pasta, Rice, and Dried Peas and Beans 161
Appendix 11: Sweets and Snacks 163
Appendix 12: Miscellaneous 165
PART III How to Increase Your Metabolism to Burn Excess Fat at Any Age 167
Chapter 16 How to Increase Your Metabolism at Any Age 168
How does Exercise Help Weight Loss? 170
Endurance 171
Tips to Get Started 172
Chapter 17 Learn Proper Exercising Habits 174
Breathing 174
Keeping Good Posture 174
Warm Ups and Cool Downs 174
Chapter 18 Choosing Aerobic and Nonaerobic Exercises 177
Aerobic Exercise 177
Popular Aerobic Exercises 179
Nonaerobic Exercises 180
Chapter 19 Benefits of Flexibility 181
Flexibility Exercises 182
Flexibility Exercises for Neck Muscles 182
Flexibility Exercises for Overall Body Fitness 183
How to Flatten Your Tommy and Secrets for a Slimmer Waist 187
Chapter 20 How to Strengthen Your Back 189
Exercises for Low Back Pain and Strengthen Your Lower Back 189
PART IV Guaranteed Way to Stop Smoking Forever 193
Chapter 21 How to Stop Smoking Forever 194
Why Cigarette Smoking is Dangerous? 195
How do You Become Addicted to Nicotine 196
Are You Addicted to Cigarettes? 196
Benefits of Quitting 196
Your Quitting Roadblocks 198
Your Reasons for Quitting 199
Chapter 22 Knowing What to Expect 201
The Symptoms of Withdrawal 201
Prepare for a Quitting Time 202
Your Quit Day 204
Typical Triggers that Cause You to Smoke 205
Chapter 23 How to Avoid and Dampen Urges and Temptations 206
Nicotine Patch 208
Nicotine Gum 209
Nicotine Lozenge 210
About Gaining Weight 210
Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight 211
Getting Through the First Week or Two without Cigarettes 211
Chapter 24 What to do If You Go Back to Smoking 213
Immediate Effects after You Quit 213
Your Rewards after Quitting 214
How to Stay Free of Cigarettes Forever 214
Conclusion 216