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How to Succeed With Women

Table of Contents

(8 ½″ x 11″ Page Format)

Introduction 11
Chapter 1 How to Find the Love of Your Life 13
Overcoming the Fear of Rejection 13
Excuses Men Make not to Meet Women 14
Define Your Preferences 15
Marketing Yourself 16
Why a Man doesn’t have to be Good-Looking 16
The 7 Secrets of Being Attractive 17
How to Enhance Your Sex Appeal 18
Set a Goal 19
Beginning Your Search 20
Take Action 20
Chapter 2 How to Have Magnetic Personality to Attract and Influence Beautiful Women 22
What is Chemistry? 22
What is Charisma? 23
How Charismatic are You? 24
Characteristics of Charismatic People 27
Make a Good Impression 28
How to Develop Charisma 28
Steps in Developing a Charismatic Personality 31
Developing a Charismatic Impression and Body Language 33
The Charismatic Approach to Life 35
Chapter 3 How to Read Women like a Pro 37
Understanding Women 37
Different Types of Women 38
Types of Women You Should Avoid 39
Women and Love 41
Women and Sex 41
What Causes Women to Reject a Man 42
Dealing with Women 43
Chapter 4 How to Recognize Female Body Language 45
How a Woman Let You Know She’s Approachable 45
Clues Women Give to Let You Know They Want to Meet 46
How to Tell When She’s Interested in You 47
Recognize Negative Female Body Language 48
Using Eye Contact and Body Language to Attract Women 48
Chapter 5 Secrets to Creating ‘Chemistry’ with Attractive Women 50
The Key to Success in Attracting Women 50
What Trigger Attraction in Women? 53
Chapter 6 How to Meet and Date Beautiful Women without Really Trying 57
Referral 57
Your Phone Call 58
Chapter 7 The Guaranteed Plan to Meet Single Women 59
Selecting the Right Service Agency 59
Video Dating Services 59
Dating Referral Services 60
Computer Dating Services 60
Personal Contact Services 61
Vacation Services 61
Mail Order Services 61
Chapter 8 Secrets to Meeting Single Women Online 62
The Key to Success in Online Dating 62
Best Dating Sites 64
Chapter 9 How to Meet Women through Personals 66
How it Works 66
Searching For the Love of Your Life 67
How to Get Beautiful Girls to Contact You First 67
What Are the Advantages? 68
Where to Advertise 69
Do’s and Don’ts in Personal Ads 69
What to Include in Personal Ads 70
How to Write a Successful Ad 71
How to Respond to Personal Ads 73
Getting Replies 74
How to Handle Phone Calls 75
How to Manage Your First Date 75
Chapter 10 Best Places to Meet Single Women 77
How to Maximize Your Chances to Meet Single Women 77
Community Center 79
Parties 80
Work and Work-Related Activities 80
Classes and Seminars 80
Churches 81
Museums and Art Galleries 82
Parks 82
Beaches 82
Department Stores 83
Supermarkets 83
Libraries 83
Sport Activities 84
Health Clubs and Gyms 85
Social Clubs 85
Square Dancing 85
Cafes and Restaurants 86
Bars and Night Clubs 86
Apartment Complex 87
Singles Vacations 87
Take a Tour 88
Meeting Women While Traveling 88
Chapter 11 The Secrets to Meeting Beautiful Women 89
Why Some Women Act Cold 89
Why Most Beautiful Women are often the Easiest to Meet 90
The Art of Body Language 91
How to Make a Good First Impression 92
How to Appeal to Women 94
How You Can Have a Crowded Love Life 95
What if You’re Turned Down? 96
Creative Strategies for Meeting Your Ideal Woman 97
Chapter 12 How to Approach Single Women Anywhere and Start a Conversation 100
How to “Break the Ice” 102
Physical Appearance 102
What to Say 103
Chapter 13 115 Great Opening Lines that Spark Conversation 106
Restaurant 106
Parties, Night Clubs, Bars 106
Art Galleries and Museums 107
Classroom 107
Bookstore 108
Library 108
Department Store 108
Supermarket 109
Theatre 109
Lobby or by the Elevator 109
Parking Lot 109
Laundromat 110
Clubs 110
Tennis Court 110
Airport, Bus, Bus Stop, Subway 110
Parks, Beaches, Streets 111
Almost Anywhere 112
Chapter 14 How to Lure Any Woman into Conversation 114
The Right Way to Make the First Move 114
The Technique of Talking to Women and Holding Their Interest 115
Chapter 15 The Most Successful Ways to Get a Date 120
How to Make Her like You Instantly 120
How to Avoid Tragic Mistakes Most Men Make When They Propose a Date 121
How to Get a Date She Can’t Refuse 122
How to Plan a Successful Date 124
The Most Effective Way to Ask Her Out 125
Why You Should Date a Girl the Same Day You Meet 127
How to Attract Beautiful Women with Your Communication 129
How to Build a Long-term Relationship 133
Why Women Leave a Man? 136
Chapter 16 Unique Ways to Meet Single Women 139
Volunteer Activities 139
Send a Note 139
Use Your Phone Number 140
Offer a Ride 140
Conduct a Survey 140
Using Your Camera 141
Give a Lesson 142
Chapter 17 How to Master the Techniques of Meeting Beautiful Girls at Night Clubs 143
Finding the Best Clubs 143
What Works and What Doesn’t at Night Clubs 144
How to Successfully Meet Girls at Night Clubs 146
Chapter 18 How to Get Women to Pick You Up 149
Building Your Self-Image 149
How to Project a Compelling Image that Attract Women Instantly 150
The Easiest Way to Get Women to Approach You and Ask You for a Date 152
Chapter 19 Proven Methods to Help You Meet Hard-To Get Women 154
How to Handle Difficult Women 154
How to Meet Young Women 155
Dating Young Women 157
Chapter 20 Successful Dating Conducts 159
Seven Reasons a Woman will Date a Man Again 159
Biggest Mistakes Men Make On Their First Date 160
Best Places to Go on a Date 161
How to Prevent a Date from Ending 163
How to Set Up a Second Date She Can’t Refuse 166
Chapter 21 How to Talk to Women to Keep Her Interested in You 168
How to Develop a Good Conversational Skill 168
How to Add More Impact to Your Words 169
Do’s and Don’ts of Communicating with Women 171
How to Keep an Exciting Conversation Going for Hours 173
How to Complement a Woman 176
Closing a Conversation 176
Chapter 22 How to Develop Intimacy in a New Relationship 177
What Makes a Woman to get Romantic with a Man? 177
How to Keep Her Interested After the First Date 178
Develop a Greater Intimacy 180
Chapter 23 How to Win Her Heart 182
Why Men Lose a Woman after Few Dates 182
Why a Woman Falls for a Man 183
What to Consider Before a Commitment 184
How to Make a Relation Last 185
Before I Say Goodbye 194
FREE BONUS Exclusive Interview with 28 Beautiful Women 195-205