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How to Write Successful Advertising Copy That Makes Money

Table of Contents

(8 ½″ x 11″ Page Format)

Introduction  How This Manual Will Benefit You 10
Chapter 1 What Motivates People to Act? 14
Show People an Advantage 18
Chapter 2 Motives That Make People Buy 19
310 Most Persuasive Words and Phrases in Advertising 21
153 Words and Phrases That Sell 31
Chapter 3 The Unlimited Potential for Making Money with Direct-Response Advertising 35
How to Find Great Advertising Ideas 37
Seven Effective Ways to Find Advertising Ideas 38
Chapter 4 How to Select the Right Copy Appeal 41
Finding the Right Sales Appeal 42
How to Use the Bargain Appeal to Get Increased Sales 44
How to Use “Free” to Increase the Sale 44
Six Primary Reasons Why People Won’t Order 45
Chapter 5 The Importance of Your Offer 47
How to Use Emotional Hooks for Your Offer 48
Advertising is Salesmanship in Print 49
Write Ads before You Write the Book 50
27 Ways to Make Your Offer Irresistible 50
How to Price Your Product for Maximum Profits 55
The Importance of Testing 57
Chapter 6 What Kinds of Layouts and Artworks Attract the Most Readers?   58
The Impact of Good Layout 58
Layout and Illustration 58
What Kinds of Picture to Use for Your Ad? 59
What Typeface to Select for Your Ad? 60
11 Ways to Create the Most Profitable Layout of Display Ad 61
Chapter 7 How to Write Powerful Headlines that Make Sales Soar 63
What is the Purpose of a Headline? 63
What Makes Certain Headlines Successful? 64
What Type of Headlines Attract the Most Readers? 64
27 Rules for Writing Successful Headlines 65
Powerful Selling Words and Phrases for Headlines 68
Powerful Selling Words and Phrases for Subheads 69
How to Start Writing Successful Headlines 70
17 Methods for Writing Powerful Headlines 71
What is Pre-Headline and Subhead? 76
Chapter 8 117 Headlines That Made Money 77
Chapter 9 The Best Shortcut Formula to Write Copy 83
What to Do Before Writing 86
7 Steps to Prepare Yourself to Write Persuasive Copy 87
Isolate the Benefits of your Product or Service 88
How to Start Writing Advertising Copy 89
Successful Methods for Writing Copy 91
Chapter 10 The Secrets of Writing Compelling Copy 93
Six Ways to Get Started Writing Copy 96
How Long Your Copy Should Be? 98
How to Write the First Sentence 98
How to Write the First paragraph 99
4 Ways to Start Writing the First Paragraph 101
9 Ways to Improve Your Copy 102
Chapter 11 How to Write Better Copy that Sell 106
How to Edit Your Copy 112
How to Use stories to Sell Your Products or Services 114
Top 10 Effective Bullet Point Templates for Your Sales Copy 117
Chapter 12 How to Improve a Successful Copy 121
How to Close the Sale Successfully 124
The Art of Writing Advertising Copy 125
How to Use Subheads Effectively 126
Seventeen Proven Ways to Increase Selling Power of Copy 127
How You Can Become an Expert Writing Powerful Advertisement 131
Chapter 13 Top 15 Tips for Writing Email Copy that Converts 133
Chapter 14 How to Write Successful Display Ads that Make Money 138
Major Elements of a Powerful Space Ad 141
29 Proven Secrets for Writing Profitable Display Ads 142
How to Stimulate Immediate Response and Closing the Sale Successfully 149
How to Make Your Copy Inviting to Read 151
Never Change a Successful Ad Except for One Reason 154
Chapter 15 How to Use a 2-Step Marketing Method Effectively to Increase Your Chance of Success 155
How to Write Small Ads That Make Money 156
Advantages of Small Ads 156
Limitations of Small Ads 157
The Best Position for Your Small Ads 157
Seventeen Ways to Get More Inquiries from Your Advertising 158
Chapter 16 How to Create a Successful Direct Advertising Package 162
What to Include? 163
The Most Important Secrets of a Successful Sales Letter 165
How to Begin a Letter? 166
How to Gain Interest to Your Sales Message 169
Steps to Writing the Ideal Sales Letter 170
Reinforce Your Letter with a Brochure 177
How to Prepare a Powerful Brochure That Sells 177
How to Increase Your Direct Mail Response by 300% 180
How to Prepare Order Cards That Sells 181
List Selection 182
Testing 182
Chapter 17 How to Make Money with Classified Ads 184
Good Words and Phrases to Use in Classified Ads 185
Chapter 18 How to Write Successful Radio Commercials That Get Action 187
Advantages of Radio Advertising 187
Basic Rules 188
How to Write Direct-Response Radio Commercials 188
How to Test Your Ad 189
What Copy Appeal to Use in Radio Commercials? 190
Important Tips for Radio Advertising 190
Chapter 19 How to Take the Guess Out of Your Advertising 191
How to Test Your Advertising for Free 191
Where to Test Your Advertising? 192
What to Test? 192
How to Test Your Advertising Copy Accurately 193
What Variables Can Affect the Result of Testing? 196
What are the Best Months to Advertise? 196
Chapter 20 The Best Low Cost Marketing Strategies 198
Today’s Best Adverting Strategy 198
Basic Rules of Marketing 200
Follow-Up to Your Prospects 202
The Most Effective Market Research 202
7 Marketing Secrets to Multiply Your Profits 203
19 Killer Marketing Strategies that will Guarantee Your Success 206
Chapter 21 How to Get the Best Buys Placing Your Ads 210
How to Save Money Placing Ads 211
How to Place Ads in Magazines 212
The Best Position of Your Display Ad 213
The Best Position for Your Small Display Ad 214
What are the Best Months to Advertise Display Ads? 214
Secrets to Making Your Newspaper Advertising 500% More Profitable! 215
How to Double the Sales Power of Any Ad 217
How to Triple the Sales Power of Successful Ads 218
Should You Hire Copywriters or Ad Agencies? 218
Conclusion 220-221
FREE BONUS Million Dollars Sales Letters! For Your Own Use and Profit 222-261