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Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing Program

Table of Contents

(8 ½″ x 11″ Page Format)

Book One Super-Affiliate Marketing Program
How This Manual Will Benefit You 9
Chapter 1 What Is Affiliate Programs? 10
Benefits of Joining Affiliate Marketing Program 11
Best products or Services to Promote Online 12
Who Should Join Affiliate Programs? 12
How Affiliate Programs Works 13
Chapter 2 Basic Steps to Start and Build Your Affiliate Business 14
Types of Affiliate Programs 15
Two-Tier Affiliate Programs 15
How You Get Paid 15
What to Look for in Affiliate Programs before You Join 16
Choosing the Right Target Market 18
Chapter 3 Finding Affiliate Sites 19
Where to Look For Affiliate Programs to Join 19
How to Become a Super Affiliate 20
Chapter 4 Building Your Site 22
Choosing a Hosting Service 22
Site Building Options 23
Adding Content to Your Site 23
4 Ways to Build Content for Your Site 24
How to Write Enticing Endorsement for Affiliate Products or Services 26
Adding Informative Articles to Your Site 26
Chapter 5 Joining Affiliate Networks 28
14 Questions to Ask Before Joining an Affiliate Program 28
Chapter 6 How to Access a Merchant’s Product or Service 33
Types of Sales Tools 34
In-House Programs 35
Joining Affiliate Networks 35
Making Money with Google AdSense 35
How to Sign up for Google AdSense 36
How to Manage Your Affiliate Business 37
Chapter 7 Understanding Online Marketing 38
Searching for Your Target Market 39
How to Search for Profitable Affiliate Products 41
Chapter 8 How to Capture and Build Your List of Prospects 44
Creating Thank-You Page and Follow-Up Emails 48
Chapter 9 The Importance of Backend Offers 51
Preparing Backend Follow-Up Campaigns 52
Creating Great Advertising Copy 54
Chapter 10 Generating Traffic to Your Site 56
12 Strategies to Generate Traffic to Your Site 57-68
Book Two How to Start and Manage Your Own Affiliate Marketing Program
Chapter 11 How to Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Program 70
How Can Your Business Benefit from Affiliate Program 71
What Qualifies Your Company For an Affiliate Program? 71
Type of Affiliate Programs 72
Two-Tier Affiliate Programs 73
Chapter 12 The basics of Setting up an Affiliate Program 74
Marketing Strategies Used By Affiliates 75
Chapter 13 Planning Phase 77
Setting up Affiliate Program Policies 78
How to Research Your Competition 79
Traffic Monitoring Tools 80
Chapter 14 Type of Platform to Run Your Affiliate Program 82
Outsourcing vs. In-House 82
Affiliate Networks 83
How to Choose an Affiliate Network 84
In-House Solutions 85
Understanding Cookies 86
Chapter 15 Setting Up Your Affiliate Program 88
Creating Text Links 89
Banner Popular Sizes 89
Coupon Strategy 90
Landing Pages 90
Develop Program Policies 91
Test Tracking 92
Preparing Email Templates 92
Program Bio Page 94
Announcing Your Program Launch 94
Chapter 16 Affiliate Program Management 96
Key Elements of Affiliate Program Management 96
Deciding on Payment Models and Cookie Life 97
Tracking Your Affiliates 98
Setting up Your Commissions 98
Choosing Affiliate Software 98
Chapter 17 How to Recruit Quality Affiliates 101
Contacting Potential Affiliates 102
Affiliate Program Information Page 102
Educating Your Affiliates 103
Educating Your Affiliates Marketing Techniques 104
Managing Your Affiliates 105
Conclusion 106
Glossary of Internet Terms
SEO and Online Marketing Terms 107-154