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Ultimate Guide to Successful Online Marketing

Table of Contents

(8 ½″ x 11″ Page Format)

PART I: How to Start and Run a Successful Business Online 13
How This Manual Will Benefit You 14
Chapter 1 Starting Your Own Online Business 16
Benefits of Starting a Business Online 16
Choosing the Right Type of Business 17
Understanding Your Customers and Your Competitors 19
Chapter 2 Choosing the Type of Your Business 20
Keeping Your Business within the Law 21
Obtaining Business License 22
Zoning for Business 23
Obtaining Copyright 24
Chapter 3 Developing Policies for Operating Your Business 25
Privacy Policy 25
Shipping Policy 26
Necessary Equipment and Software 27
Chapter 4 Choosing a Domain Name 29
How to Select the Right Domain Name 30
Registering Your Domain 30
Chapter 5 Designing Customer-Friendly Websites 32
Basic Design Principles 33
7 Important Website functions That Influences Customer Decisions 34
Building a Well-Structured Business Website 35
Designing Your Business Website 36
Choosing the Right Website Designer 37
Chapter 6 Finding the Right Hosting Company 40
Chapter 7 Writing Content That Get Searched 43
How to Write Good Content 43
Choosing Words for Search Engines 46
Chapter 8 Obtaining a Merchant Account 47
Choosing a Payment Gateway 48
Understanding the Fees 49
Offering Payment Option beyond Credit Cards 50
Chapter 9 Shopping Cart and Order Processing 51
Choosing the Right Shopping Cart 51
Shopping for Best Hosted Shopping Cart 53
How to Increase Buyer Confidence 54
Chapter 10 Taking Your Site Live 55
Chapter 11 Determining Your Multiple Sources of Revenue 57
Buying Products and Selling Them Online 57
Marketing Your Professional Services 59
Selling Information Products 59
Creating and Marketing Information 60
Creating and Marketing E-Books 61
Making Money with Google AdSense 62
Chapter 12 Selling Through Online Storefronts 63
Features You Should Look for In a Storefront Solution 63
Determining the Price for Storefront 65
Chapter 13 Setting Up a Yahoo E-Commerce Store 68
Setting Up Your Store 68
Chapter 14 Selling In the Amazon Marketplace 71
Amazon Pro Merchant Seller’s Account 73
WebStore and a Store Selling with Amazon 73
PART II: Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing 75
Introduction to Online Marketing 76
Chapter 15 How to Design Your Website to Increase Traffic and Conversion 77
Creating a Buyer-Friendly Website 77
The Correct Approach in Website Design 79
8 Strategies to Market Your Brand 81
Chapter 16 Designing a Website that Convince Your Visitors to Become Customers 83
Making Online Offer Customers Can’t Refuse 84
Developing a Return Policy 84
Effective Copywriting for Your Online Advertisement 85
Format of Your Copy 86
Chapter 17 Optimizing Your Website for High Conversion 87
Improving Your Website Readability 87
Keeping Your Shopping Cart Secure and Simple 87
Give Visitors a Reason to Stay On Your Site 88
Maximize Engagement on Your Site 90
Chapter 18 Landing Page Optimization 92
How to Optimize Your Landing Page 93
Designing Landing Pages That Convert 94
Chapter 19 How to Make Your Landing Page More Profitable 96
Targeting Audience 96
Offer Only One Product or Service on Your Landing Page 96
Headline 96
Landing Page Copy 97
Landing Page Call-to-Action 97
Format of Your Copy 98
Images 99
Landing Page Subscriber Box 99
Where to Place Your Opt-In Subscriber Box 100
Follow- Up Emails 100
Split Testing 101
Chapter 20 How to Convert Browsers to Buyers 102
Getting Visitors to Buy 103
Effective Calls-to-Action 104
Creating Effective Calls-to-Action 105
How to Encourage Viewers to Buy Now 107
Chapter 21 Generating Traffic to Your Website 108
How to Generate Traffic to Your Site 109
How to Market Your Company Offline 113
Chapter 22 Writing Articles to Gain Exposure 114
How to Write Articles That Get Noticed 114
Distributing Your Articles 115
Viral Marketing for Your Business 116
Chapter 23 How to Generate Qualified Leads with Content Marketing 117
Syndicating Your Content for Lead Generation 118
Chapter 24 Online Publicity 120
Using Press Releases to Reach Your Target Market 121
Chapter 25 Using Discussion Groups to Build Credibility 123
Marketing to Newsgroups 124
Chapter 26 Creating and Offering Newsletters 126
How to Increase Your Profits by Starting Your Own Newsletter 126
The Format of Your Newsletter 128
How to Promote Your Newsletter 129
How to Distribute Your Newsletter 129
Chapter 27 Using Social Media for Your Business 131
Marketing on Social Media 131
Creating a Long-Term Relationship with Customers by Using Social Media  132
Facebook 132
Advertising on Facebook 133
Google+ 134
Twitter 135
Pinterest 135
LinkedIn 135
Chapter 28 Making Money by Choosing the Perfect Blog Platform 136
Choosing Your Content for Maximum Profits 137
Selecting a Blog Platform 138
Making Money Blogging 141
Chapter 29 Using Online Classified Ads to Generate Profits 142
Designing Your Classified Ad 142
Placing Your Ads 143
Chapter 30 How to Overcome Your Competitors 144
Checking Out Your Competition 145
Discover What People Think of Your Business 146
Chapter 31 The Importance of Testing and Tracking 148
Your Customer Logs 150
Understanding How to Test 151
What to Test? 152
Chapter 32 Analyzing and Monitoring Your Website Traffic 153
Measuring Website Traffic 153
Referrer File 155
Error Logs 156
Chapter 33 Analyzing Your Server Logs 157
Chapter 34 Traffic Analysis Software 160
Using Cookies 160
Reviewing the Path Analysis 161
Tools for Your Marketing 161
PART III: Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing 163
Introduction to Email Marketing 164
Chapter 35 Developing Marketing Objectives for Your Email Marketing 165
Benefits of Email Marketing 165
Advantages of Email Marketing Providers 166
Chapter 36 How to Develop Marketing Objectives to Accomplish Your Goals 168
The Essential Elements of Effective Email Marketing 170
Chapter 37 Fundamental Rules You Must Know Before Starting Email Marketing 171
7 Ways to Minimize Spam Complaints 173
Rules to Follow When Doing a Bulk Mailing 174
Chapter 38 How to Use Emails Effectively to Maximize Your Profits 175
How Your Email Message Should Look 176
Getting Your Email Opened 176
Creating Effective Envelope Content That Will Get Noticed and Opened 177
Chapter 39 Time-Tested Strategies for Prompting Your Audience to Open and Respond to Your Emails 178
How to Get Your Emails Opened and Read 178
How to Get Your Audience to Read and Respond to Your Email 179
How to Place Calls to Action in Your Emails 180
Timing Your Emails for Best Response 180
Chapter 40 How to Create From and Subject Line That Get Noticed 181
Subject Line Character Limitation 182
How to Write Subject Lines That Prompt Your Audience to Open Your Emails Immediately 182
75 Best Email Subject Lines 183
Chapter 41 How to Design Your Emails to Look Professional and Match Your Content 187
Using Proper Format for Your Email Campaigns 187
Promotional Format 188
Newsletter Format 188
Positioning Your Logo and Related Content 188
Chapter 42 Making Text in Your Emails Look Professional and Easy to Scan 190
Choose the Correct Font and Style 190
Headlines and Subheadings 191
Chapter 43 Using Images in Your Emails 193
Choosing Correct File Format for Your Images 193
How to Reference and Use Images 194
Chapter 44 How to Design and Deliver Emails for Mobile Devices 196
Dealing with Different Devices 195
12 Tips for Email Design and Body Content 196
Chapter 45 Building Quality Email Lists 198
Building Your List 198
Using Permission Email Marketing 199
How to Ask Properly for Permission 199
Chapter 46 Effective Strategies for Building a Quality Subscriber List 201
6 Effective Ways to Build Your Opt-in Lists 201
How to Maximize Your Subscriber List 202
Chapter 47 How to Collect Contact Information and Increase Sign Ups 207
Collecting Contact Information Online 208
Effective Ways to Collect Email Addresses Online 209
Calling Your Audience for Specific Action 209
How to Prepare Your Email Database 210
Managing Your List 211
Chapter 48 Writing Effective Emails Content 212
How to Write Emails That Engage and Persuade 212
Asking For Action 213
10 Email Copy Tips 214
Split Testing Your Email Marketing 215
Important Elements for Your Landing Pages 216
Chapter 49 How to Develop a Successful Email Marketing Campaign 218
Crafting Your Welcome Emails for Higher Business Profits 219
Effective Targeting and Personalization That Create Great Results 220
How to Reengage Inactive Subscribers 221
Turning Engaged Subscribers into Paying Customers 223
Avoid the 7 Common Mistakes in Your Email Marketing 224
Chapter 50 How to Boost Your Email Marketing By Over 500% 225
How to Make Money from Your Email Marketing Efforts 226
Maximizing Email Delivery 227
Maximizing Customer Conversions 227
Avoid 10 Worst Email Content Marketing Mistakes 228
Chapter 51 How to Create Effective Marketing Campaign for Highest Profit Potential 230
7 Powerful Mental Triggers 231
How to Apply Basic Marketing Principles to Your Email Strategy 232
Secrets of Successful Email Campaigns 233
Chapter 52 How to Automate Your Email Marketing 236
Using Autoresponders to Automate Your Email Marketing 236
Advantages of Email Autoresponders 236
Automating Your Opt-in Lists 237
Automating With Autoresponders 239
What to Look For In an Autoresponder 240
Chapter 53 Setting up Autoresponders on Your Website 242
How to Set Up Your Email Database for Automation 242
Assigning Tags to Your Database Records 243
Setting up Auto-Responder Sequence 244
Using List Segmentation 245
Chapter 54 How to Track Results of Your Email Campaign 246
Email Marketing System 247
Tools to Use for Email Marketing 247
Conclusion 249
Glossary of Internet Terms SEO and Online Marketing Terms 250-297