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10 Best Places to Meet Single Woman

If you know what to say and how to say it, any place could be an ideal place. You never know when and where you are going to run into your dream girl. If you cannot say the right word, she will disappear from your life forever.

You may still wonder where would be an ideal place to increase your chances. Any place that she is totally relaxed and have fun would be a great location. If she is in a place where men are lined up to meet her such as night clubs, she will play hard to get.

Here are some ideal places to meet her:

1. Beaches: Single women go to beaches to be relaxed and they are open to meet single men. You can easily approach her and start talking to her as long as you approach her with a happy face and don’t show as you are trying to get a date.

2. Parks: Just like beaches, parks are ideal for meeting single women. If she is with a dog, just compliment her dog and she will be impressed.

3. Happy Hours: Most cities with bars and restaurants have happy hours for people to get together after working hours. These locations are full of single women ready to meet you.

4. Shopping Malls: You can easily approach single women at shopping malls or any convenient store and ask a question or start a conversation.

5. Coffee Shops: Coffee shops are great for meeting young girls. Try to find a spot next to her and strike a conversation. If nothing comes to your mind, ask her about Wi-Fi password.

6. Grocery Stores: You can easily strike a conversation at grocery stores. You can ask her anything fun and easy for her to answer, such as if certain recipe need this vegetable, what’s best way to cook these fish, or whatever.

7. Tennis Courts: Tennis courts at public parks or tennis clubs are great for meeting young and beautiful singles. She needs a partner to play tennis and many girls show up looking for someone to play tennis with.

8. Concerts: Women go to concert to have fun. A good time to talk to her is when you are both in line for a beer or waiting to buy tickets.

9. Public Transportation: Try to sit next to her. You will have plenty of time to carry on a conversation and set up a date to see her.

10. Gym: You can ask her about certain work-out, or just about anything that relates to health and exercise. Women go to gym to look and feel good, and that’s where you should be.

These 10 places are great to meet single women. However, work on your skills to be able to meet women just about anywhere even on public streets.

By Michael Tavelloni – 2019
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