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Best Ways to Start a Conversation with a Girl

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Do you want to know how to start a conversation with a girl the first time just about anywhere you meet her? You may wonder what would be the best approach to start a conversation with a girl.

Think of the last time you saw a beautiful woman you wanted to be with, but didn’t have the courage or didn’t know what to say. As she walked by, you knew she’d be out of your sight and out of your life.

The basic problem with most men originates from their approach. Once they try a technique that works, they spend the rest of their lives using the same method and wondering why they don’t get the same result.

Women are different, and not the same technique works on every woman you encounter. You must be alert and use the right approach, and flexible enough to change your strategy when it isn’t going anywhere.

When you first start talking to a woman, your belief about women is critical. Talk to them, as they’re single, open minded and interesting. Learn to use eye contact and body language to instantly show her that you’re a sexual and confident man.

I want to emphasize that if you start talking to a beautiful woman and shower her with compliments that she is everything and you’re not worthy, you would kill any chance you may have with her.

One of the biggest obstacles in meeting girls is not knowing what to say. What you say is relatively insignificant. However, you should always start with a positive opener. Negative openers generally discourage women to talk to you. You definitely don’t want to set a depressed tone to start a conversation.

The good news is that starting a conversation gets easier with practice. Don’t be afraid of approaching girls in public places to start a conversation. Whenever you’re in line for a movie theater, bus station, bank, concert, or even on streets, you can start a conversation.

The key is not to wait. Waiting signals lack of self-confidence. As soon as you notice a girl that captures your interest, you should act quickly. If you wait too long you will lose your opportunity.

You may wonder what to say. Pay attention to her body language, what she’s wearing, who she is with, and your surroundings. You can start with any positive opener, including:

  • Ask a question.
  • Give an opinion.
  • State a fact.
  • Say anything positive. Keep it short, simple, and friendly.
  • Give her a simple and honest compliment.
  • Say something funny to make her smile.
  • Look around and find things that interest or puzzle you, things that she is likely to want to talk about.
  • Talk about beautiful surroundings.

When you begin talking, make sure to smile, look confident, be polite and friendly, and keep an eye contact but don’t stare at her.

Your approach can be very direct. Once you have made an eye contact, if you can’t think of anything, just say Hi. Then talk about the book she is reading, clothes she is wearing in a simple way to compliment her taste, etc. Find common interests and hobbies to keep the conversation moving. Never try to impress her. Also avoid saying, “Haven’t we met before?” Avoid all common pickup lines.

If you don’t get flirty, then you risk putting yourself in the friend zone which is usually difficult to get out. Being unique and different than average guys is what gets you a date very quickly.

young man and woman sitting on a sofa at a party clinking glasses and having a good conversation

Here are 7 effective tips to start your conversation with her and to break the ice:

1. Compliment. Once you start a conversation with a compliment, you’re stating that you’re interested in her. Say something good and unique about her that makes her different. If you show a happy and positive mood, then you definitely increase your chances with her. Make sure not to give too many compliments at one time.

2. Tease her. Teasing her and making her laugh will show that you are a confident person who knows how to have fun.

3. Ask her for advice. You will make her feel good by showing that her opinion is important to you.

4. Comment on surroundings. Make sure your comment is a positive one.

5. Introduce yourself. Make an eye contact, and then greet her. Tell her your name in a casual way and ask for her name.

6. Traditional greetings. You can start with any traditional greetings like “How is it going?” Or “How are you?” can start a conversation. Make sure to keep an eye contact and smile.

7. Ask her to play a game. This is almost a sure bid, especially in places like tennis courts. Asking her for a dance in a night club works the same way.

By Michael Tavelloni – 2019 – Update 2020
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