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How to Win Her Back after a Breakup

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Do you want to learn how to win her back after she broke up with you? If you want to win with women, you have to be a little different than those guys who approach her all the time.

It takes more than money or valuable items to win a woman’s heart, and that’s your character. That’s a fact, especially when you want her back after hurting her.

To attract young women, you must act relaxed and confident. Any sign of lust especially in the early stage of dating will turn her off. You must be a constant challenge to win her. The minute she’ll realize you need her, you’re history.

You must be nice, but in control. She wants aggressive and spontaneous man, not a passive and boring one. She wants to laugh and enjoy herself. In her world, there is not much room for a serious man. You must show her that you’re young at heart and able to laugh, play games, tell jokes, party and have fun.

The best strategy is to be unpredictable, swinging between nice and indifferent, but not rude. You want to keep her off balance and unable to totally figure you out. So you have to leave some doubt and mystery in her mind.

You cannot win an argument. If you lose it, you gain nothing, except making her realize that you are wrong and illogical. If you win an argument with her, you may feel fine. But what about her? She will resent you, and her opinion will probably remain the same. When you say she is wrong, that’s a direct blow at her pride, her judgment, and her intelligence. That will make her want to strike back. Remember that having a good relationship with a woman you really care is to be cooperative; it’s a give and take.

The best way to handle an argument is to listen to her first. Don’t defend or debate your case, only listen. Look for areas of agreement. If you find any fault on your part, apologize for your mistakes. That will help to reduce her tension and defensiveness. If you don’t see any error on your part, just very gently present the facts. Start by saying those she agrees. Ask her questions and get her to say yes on things she agrees. That will make her more cooperative when you finally provide all the proofs to her.

When you begin with sincere appreciation before you suggest something to her, chances are she’ll try to please you. Consider the benefits she will receive from doing what you suggest, then put it in a form that will convey the message as to how she will benefit by doing what you are suggesting.

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Young girls are famous for breaking up with their boyfriends. Whether young or old, you should do whatever is needed so that she never wants to break up and lose you. However, this scenario may happen to any couple.

You should consider her back only if she really is the one you want to be with for the rest of your life. If she left you in the first place she may do it again unless you retrace your steps and discover exactly what went on for her to leave you.

No matter whose fault is it; from her point of view is always your fault. Should you try to reason with her? In 99% of the time you could only waste your time to sit down and bring up the reasons because it could bring up more argument. If she wants to work it out, she will tell you to discuss what happened between the two of you and come up with a solution.

It is very important that you should not appear weak, needy and desperate. Never beg her to stay because it pushes her further away. Women are turned off by a weak man.

Tell her if she doesn’t really care to stay with you, then there is nothing you could do to force her to stay. There are times that it would be a good idea for both of you to stay apart for a period of time and think everything over.

If she finally decides to leave, break off the communication. If you continue to communicate with her, this will appear as a sign of weakness and desperation.

Let her believe you are doing fine without her. Stop all communication. Let her miss you for a while. This is the time to be strong because she is the one decided to leave you. You need to give her some space to be without you.

Did she lie to you? Was she unfaithful and cheated you? If that’s the case, you will be better off letting her go for good. However, many break ups happen over some silly arguments when both of you are stressed up. In such a case, you may want to give it another chance if you still love her and try to get her back in your life.

If it was your fault, show her that you are different than you used to be. Focus on what made her unhappy. Don’t tell her, but show that you have changed. Try to be the person that she first fell in love with. Let her see that you have changed and try to be back in her life as a friend only.

This is not the time to rush, but to be patient. Don’t give her the impression that you are miserable without her. If you haven’t changed and only putting on a show; if she gets back in your life then history will repeat itself and you will lose her again. But if it was her fault to become angry over every little issue, then you may want to take your time as long as it takes for her to change and realize you didn’t deserve to be mistreated.

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Both of you need to recognize all the shortcomings and mistakes that you have made. There are times that both of you have to compromise. Living as a couple is both giving and taking and at the same time accepting certain responsibilities.

Try to be very open and honest when talking to her. She needs time to have the assurance that you really care for her. One of the major problems couples have is communication and understanding each other clearly. Men and women perceptions of a situation can be totally different.

Focus on improving yourself and your relationship skills rather than focusing on the negatives. Show her that you are serious in having her back and you are determined be the best friend and lover that you can be.

Patience and self-control are what you need to win her back. You don’t want to pressure her to do anything. Start slowly and take your time speaking with her.

When she broke up with you it was because she lost the feeling for you or she was hurt by you. She thinks you have changed for the worse. Don’t just give promises that everything is going to work out because words without actions cannot be effective.

If she is at fault, then you need to forgive and forget. When you forgive and forget, you don’t bring it up and use it to punish her. Rather than reminding her of her imperfections, you need to get rid of any hard feeling and bitterness of the past so that the two of you can trust each other and start a fresh and positive relationship.

By Michael Tavelloni – 2019 – Update 2020
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