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Making Money with YouTube

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YouTube is a social media that specializes in video hosting and sharing. YouTube provides the opportunity where people are entertained, informed, and educated through the sharing of videos. Many successful marketers use YouTube to make money.

Anyone who has access to the Internet and the ability to make videos can easily upload one on YouTube.

If you enter, you are presented with its homepage which has everything you need to use on this site. In the search bar you can type any video you want to watch. There is a sign in button for you to log into your account and upload a video to share your own video on YouTube. In addition, YouTube can help your site to rank high and also provides the opportunity for you to market your product or your service because YouTube caters to a billion people every day.

YouTube places different videos into categories which makes searching for videos easier to locate. People mostly go to YouTube to be entertained, watch music videos, explore different places around the world, watch videos created by people who have gone to vacations to different places, watch reviews of products, and educational videos to learn about something.

If you are an expert, you can create how-to videos based on your field of expertise, such as cooking, gardening, playing musical instrument, playing some type of sport, investing, using different techniques doing something, and just about anything you can imagine to reach out to millions of viewers. Some people use YouTube that primarily advertise their products, services, or their brand.

You can focus on how to use YouTube for your business to attract viewers that can eventually become your clients or customers. One of the first things to attract viewers for your YouTube channel is to choose a name.

Try to use your business’s real name, since you are setting up an account mainly for business purposes so incorporate your own brand name to your account, and keep the name short and simple. The name should be clear and easily be understood by everyone. Your username should represent your business’s brand that your audience will easily remember.

Having a good video camera is not enough to make it a success on YouTube. You must provide high quality content video. The content must be unique, useful, and relevant to your product or service. Your audience must be able to learn something new and valuable.

Before creating your video, you must know details what your video should contain. What do you plan to accomplish after creating this video? You need to plan and come up with the content before you create the video and upload it to YouTube. Remember that your credibility is on the line. If you are the one to write the content and plan everything, you must have the knowledge of filming and video editing.

computer laptop showing planning videos to be displayed on YouTube

Before your preplanning, you need to have a clear understanding of your target audience because your video is mainly dependent on the audience and their needs. So it is critical to know that your video is going to be viewed by your target market. You have to clearly know what they want or what their interests are.

Your video should contain something more than advertising your business. It must have value. In order to attract your audience, you must learn how to optimize your setup so that your video will stand out among the rest.

Try to create a positive look on channel to attract your target audience. Make sure to include your business logo, and links to your website and other social media accounts. You also need to include keyword tags to make your account appear to search results.

Every video you create should have a clear call-to-action on your YouTube page, in the video description, and within the video itself. Your call-to-action could be to visit your site or links to other related videos.

You will need to create thumbnails that will stand out among the rest. Use relevant tags so your video description appears on search results. Make use of YouTube paylist feature to increase viewer’s engagement to your videos.

You should already have a website so you can post your YouTube videos for people to notice your business and the videos you have created for your audience. Share your videos to your Facebook account so that your audience also share your videos with their friends.

Using YouTube is free. However, advertisers pay YouTube for advertisement being posted. Advertisers pay for their ads, and as the owner of your channel, you provide these advertisers the opportunity to gain viewers with your own share of audience.

YouTube also gives you the option to monetize your video as long as you gain more than a thousand viewers and subscribers. Your videos must be unique and strictly belong to you. In other words, you must create your own videos or pay someone to create it exclusively for you.

By John Stanford – 2019 – Update 2020
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