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10 Google AdSense Tips to Maximize Your Earning

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Do you want to start earning money using Google AdSense? Let’s find out the steps to start Google AdSense the right way and learn how to increase AdSense earnings per click.

Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to make money online if you have an existing blog or website. If you don’t have one, you can easily create a blog or a basic website with some content to attract visitors. You can then add Google AdSense to your blog or website for extra income.

There are many people using Google AdSense Affiliate Program to supplement their income. Getting an account for Google AdSense is easy. You can use Google Blogs to create as many blogs as you like. However, the best way to make money from blogs is to write about one subject in each blog.

Build Your Audience before Setting up AdSense

Once you have a website or blog, spend time writing articles or posts targeted to your niche to attract readers. If you have blogs, avoid mixing subjects. For example, create one blog on how to make money from blogs, another blog on how to repair your computer, etc.

Write at least twenty blog posts for each blog and try to keep it up to date. Your goal should be to have a sizable audience before you apply for Google AdSense account to display ads.

If you don’t have adequate traffic to your blog or website, you won’t make money from any ad you display. You first need to increase your traffic by having good content on your site.

Apply to Join Google AdSense Affiliate Program

When you have a sizable traffic to your blog or website, you’re ready to apply for an account. It is free to join and the process is easy to set up and use.

Once you are accepted, be sure to spend time to read a few pages of AdSense service agreement. You can now display targeted Google ads on your website or blog.

Google AdSense will give you ads relevant to the content of your blog or website. Your readers visit your page because they have done online search for your existing content, and may want to click on ads that are specific to the subject they are interested in. You get paid when the reader clicks on the ad to read the information.

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Top 10 Tips for Your Success with Google AdSense

If you are ready to start making extra income, here are 10 tips that will give you great results to increase your AdSense earnings:

1. Implement Responsive Design

Responsive design provides easy reading, easy navigation, and resizing for mobile phones and tablets. In order to capture your audience using smartphones and tablets, you need to optimize your site for these devices. Otherwise, you might miss over 50% of your market.

Google AdSense allows you to generate codes for responsive ads which automatically resize themselves to provide the best views to the mobile audience.

2. Publish Quality Content

Publish content relevant to the topic of your blog or website in order to increase traffic to your site. Try to publish high-quality content on a regular basis, especially for your blog. You’ll need to add new short articles or stories several times a week or post one longer article at least once a week to your blog for higher traffic and ranking.

3. Optimize Your Site

Use better keywords and proper keyword density to optimize your content for search engines, which includes keyword research and knowledge of search engine optimization.

If you use highly competitive keywords you’re not going to rank as high as if you were using lower competitive keywords. You can use Google AdWords tool for finding low competition keywords. Use keyword density tool to use proper density for your content.

4. Use the Best Formats

You have the choice to customize the ads to match your site’s look and feel, including the choice of different shapes, colors, and design.

You can use rectangle ads for the top and square ads for the sides. You also have the choice of where to place the ads on your page. In order to maximize conversion, place more than one type. However, you have to comply to the AdSense for content units, up to three link units, and to two search units on each of your page.

5. Position of Ads

The position of ads is very important to getting clicks. Placing ads above-the-fold (portions of a web page that are visible without scrolling) is quite common for many websites. However, as soon as visitors come to your website, they scan the headlines to see if the information is relevant to their search. They get turned off when they notice too many ads are placed above the fold making the title and content difficult to read and they exit the page. Google now penalizes such pages.

Users want to see content right away. You may want to place ads above the fold to a normal degree as long as it doesn’t make it difficult to see the original content on the page.

6. Optimize the Color of Text Ads

People tend to click on something that doesn’t look like an ad. Experiment with the color of text ads to increase their visibility. Match the border color of the ad to the background of the page where the ad will be placed, and all match your site.

7. Keep Content User – Focused

Write your content first for your visitors, and second for the search engines. Aim to provide valuable content if you want to increase traffic and rank high. Make sure all your articles are unique and are not duplicate, meaning they don’t exist on any other site. Google will easily track duplicate content and penalize sites with existing duplicate content.

8. Avoid Using Too Many Ads

Readers are turned off with too many ads. The main reason they visit your site is to look for information. Make sure the content comes before the ads. Limit the number of Ads to not exceed three per page.

9. Test Your Ads

Try out different styles, border colors, and ad sizes, and measure ad performance over time for maximum conversion. A/B split tests allows you one variation of ad setting against another variation to determine the best performing ad. Keep testing until you find out the one that performs the best.

10. Use Google Analytics

By adding Google Analytics for free, you can find out which blogs or articles are earning you the most money and concentrate your efforts on topics and design features that work best for you.

You can link your Google AdSense and Analytics accounts so that you can access AdSense metrics such as how many clicks you had on your ads including CTR, impressions, etc.

Google Analytics can help you decide on what methods work best for the topic of your website or blog and identify opportunities for optimizing your site and on what type of content to focus on to earn more money.

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