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How to Create Advertising for Google AdSense

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If you have a blog or website, you have the option of joining Google’s AdSense to run display advertisements on your site. You can start receiving AdSense compensation depending on the number of visitors your site receives.

Signing Up for Google AdSense

If your site conforms to the AdSense program content policies, you should have no problem signing up. Among the prohibited content are drug or alcohol sales, gambling site, profanity, adult entertainment, violence, and hacking sites.

To create a new account, visit Google AdSense “How to Sign-Up” page, and submit an online application. Google will verity your application data and check out your site.

Once you get accepted, select the ad units you want to use on your site, copy and paste their URLs into the page code. Be sure to comply with Google’s ad placement by reading their policy.

Generating Revenue from Google AdSense

Your revenue will depend on your content, number of visitor, and location of the ad on the page. Placing at least one ad above the fold is important for generating revenue. Above the fold refers to the top of your page without scrolling down the page. However, you want to make sure your visitors first see the title and some of your content first because that’s the main reason they landed on your page.

Certain sizes of ads earn more. In addition, click from customers in certain countries are worth more to Google and ultimately to you based on how much advertisers pay Google.

Google shares the revenue generated by the AdSense Units placed on your page. Click-through rate (CTR) and the cost per click (CPR) are important factors in generating revenue.

Click-through rate is the number of clicking by your visitors who decided to click the ad. Cost per click is the amount paid by the advertisers to Google every time your visitor clicks on its ad. In general, you earn more if your site draws visitors based on your content, your keywords, and ranking.

Make sure to download Google Analytics and link it to your Google AdSense in order to find out which pages are generating the highest number of visitors. You’ll be able to discover the best CTR, the number of visitors to each page, the number of clicks generated by each ad on each page, and more.

By measuring the metrics with Analytics and through testing, you should be able to optimize your site for generating more revenue. Your knowledge about search engine optimization and online marketing can help you to rank your site higher and to increase traffic to your site. Without adequate number of visitors it will be difficult to make money with Google AdSense.

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