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How to Find Out the Most Profitable Keywords

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How do you find the most profitable keywords for your AdWords campaign? After you come up with a list of keywords, your next step is to use a tool to find out how popular a given search term is going to be, and how many people are actually searching for your keyword.

A popular tool is Keyword Planner Tool that’s meant for advertisers looking to place ads on Google’s network, so there’s some limitation to use it for SEO. However, it does offer insights into searches on Google.

To use the tool, you’ll need an AdWords account. It won’t cost you; however, you’ll be asked to add a credit card account because the tool is primary meant for advertisers. You can visit:

After you set up an account, the tool gives you four different options:

1. Search for new keywords and ad group ideas.

2. Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups.

3. Get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords.

4. Multiple keyword lists to get new keyword ideas.

You can select the first option if you want start a search from scratch to see what Google would suggest to you. However, if you have already done your research and have a list of keywords, you can select the second option. You can copy and paste your keywords into the Keyword Planner.

For information about creating an AdWords account, visit:

Once the Keyword Planner opens, choose “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas.” Then, enter the keywords related to your topic.

There are several options available, but click the panel Keyword Options. Then, set “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms.” To start your keyword suggestion list, click the Get Ideas button. On the results page, you’ll see Ad Groups and Keyword Ideas. Click the Keyword Ideas tab, because Ad Groups is not as useful.

You’ll notice the table showing keywords alphabetically. You can click the “Avg. monthly searches” to reorder the table according to search volume from highest to lowest. Now, you see a list of search phrases related to your keyword with the most popular searches at the top. You need to pay attention to Avg. monthly searches and Suggested bid.

Avg. monthly searches lists the average number of Google searches for each keyword every month based on the past twelve months. If you see dash (-) instead of number, it means there are very few searches each month and sufficient data is not available, so disregard it.

Suggested bid is useful for PPC or network advertising on Google. Keywords with high suggested bids are phrases used by people who are close to make a buying decision; that’s why the advertiser is willing to pay more to reach those people.

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