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How to Make Money from Home with a Computer

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If you’re tired of long commutes, out of work, or just seeking to earn extra income, you can earn money with your computer from home. If you want to spend more time at home with your family, or have the freedom to be your own boss, there are ways to make money from home by using your computer.

The reality is that very few work-at-home jobs are legitimate to work for you. However, it is possible to create a lucrative home-based business.

Working from home using your computer allows you to create your own schedule and reduce your daily commute. There are many legitimate ways to make money and earn a comfortable living at home with the use of your computer.

The Internet has opened up a lot of opportunities for inspiring entrepreneurs. You can make money online by offering your services or products to others. To give you an idea, here are several options to make money with a computer:

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Self-publishing can be very rewarding, especially for writing and promoting non-fiction and how-to books. You can write and sell your own e-book, DVD, or other information product. You can sell your information product on Amazon’s Kindle, Clickbank, and many other sites. You can even sell through your own website, blog, or through social media.

The best part about self-publishing is that you create it once and reap the reward for many years. Information products are one of the best-selling products on the Internet.

Website Design

If you are good with creating web pages or willing to learn, you can sell your skills to people and businesses. Web pages often need updating, which means more business and profits for you.

You can start by designing your own website as a platform to serve as an advertisement for skills and your business. You can sign up at sites like Elance or Freelancer to connect with bidders for their work. You can also market your services to local store owners by showing samples of your web pages on your laptop computer.

You can add other services, such as search engine optimization, freelance writing for various companies, selling items in online auctions, writing advertising copy for website owners, and more.

Affiliate Marketing

Many people earn good income through affiliate marketing. All you need is a computer, Internet connection, and a basic blog or website that include some content to bring in traffic.

To sell other people’s products or services as an affiliate marketer, you can sign up to become an affiliate through many available sites, such as Amazon Associates, Clickbank, or Commission Junction.

The key to making money from affiliate programs is to be a good promoter and have basic knowledge about online marketing. You can promote using these companies’ pre-prepared ads through your blog, website, social media, etc. You don’t deal directly with customers since all sales go through your merchant’s site. You get paid a commission every time you make a sale or people you refer to take a positive action.

Desktop Publishing

There are a lot of demands for desktop publishing for both online and offline for creating brochures, catalogs, fact sheets, newsletters, books, calendars, etc. Book publishers and local organization use desktop publishing services extensively.

All you need is a computer, word processing program, desktop publishing program, graphic program, and a printer to start and offer your service.

As a desktop publisher, you can add other services, such as:

  • Word processing service. You can offer your services to authors and publishers.
  • Graphic design. If you have a design skills and graphic design software, you can offer your services to business owners. Some services you can offer include banner design, logo design, marketing material design for products, website design, etc.
  • Photo manipulation. This service is used to create many of the images in magazines, newspapers, and on the Internet. You can make money at home with a computer and photography software to provide digitally enhanced photographs to publications online and offline. You can also provide your service to restore faded or damaged photographs, or create enlargements of existing photographs.

Start Blogging

You can create free blogs at Blogger, write your own content, and post links or short articles on your blog to earn money. To make money, you can also promote affiliate products. You can earn money at Pay Per Post. Google AdSense program allows blog and website owners to sign up and earn money by placing banner ads.

information marketing strategy

Selling Arts and Crafts

You can use computer to make money if you are creative and have artistic talent. You can create decorative pieces, artworks, unique jewelry, knitted or sewn items, or designing pictures for shirts, cups, and other custom-designed products, and try to sell your finished products online.

Set up your own website or through online sites like eBay, Craigslist, or many other sites at a fixed price or through auction. You can also buy products at yard sales or flea markets to sell on online auction sites.

EBay is the most popular online auction site with several categories in which you can list and sell your items. You should do some research to see what others are selling and at what price before you decide what to offer. Check out other sellers to find out what is popular and how items are priced.

Since your customers won’t be able to touch or hold your items, you need to give them as much information as you can. You should be able to describe your item, depending on what you plan to offer. In addition, you should provide great photographs, descriptions, and the prices of your products; they all are critical to your success.

Become a Consultant

If you’re an expert in certain specialized field, you can market yourself in your area of expertise. Your field could be medical, financial, engineering, computer science, marketing, copywriting, business, etc.

You can set up a simple blog or website to post your resume and your certifications, samples of your work, and your fees. Depending on your field, you can also search online to locate sites for your consulting work.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a great way to earn money from home to sell your knowledge teaching. One-on-one online tutoring offers help to students having problems with specific subject areas such as math or English.

If you have a college degree or certificate and able to pass a test in the subject in which you would like to do tutoring, you can earn money providing online tutoring service.

Many foreign students pay tutors for lessons in English through online. offers online courses in math, English, SAT and other test preparation. If you have a college degree, you can sign up to teach and earn money online.

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