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How to Set Up a Google AdWords Campaign

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If you are interested and ready to set up a successful AdWords campaign, follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Click the ‘Get Started Now’ button.

3. Google asks for information about your business. Provide your email address and website URL in the boxes provided, and select the check boxes if you want Google to send you tips and surveys. Then click ‘Continue’.

4. To create a Google account, enter an email address and a password along with personal data. Then click ‘Continue’.

5. On ‘Your first campaign’ screen, start setting up parameters for your campaign:

  • Click the ‘Set your daily budget’ link to include your maximum daily budget you’re willing to spend on your campaign.
  • Click on the ‘Location’ to decide where you want your ads to be displayed. The default is United States and Canada.
  • Click on ‘Networks’ to select the network. You probably want to select Search Network rather than Display Network to get the best possible ROI.

6. Click ‘Select your keywords’ link. Choose your keywords for your ad, and then click ‘Save’.

You need to choose keywords related to your product or service you plan to advertise. AdWords provides popular keywords related to your website. You can remove any of their choices and add your own keywords to the list.

7. Set your bids. It’s a good idea to set your own bid price manually to have the highest control over your campaign.

8. Write your ad by scrolling down and click the “Write your ad” link.

In the landing page box, enter the URL you want your visitors to land after clicking your ad. You can have up to 25 characters. In the Ad Text Line 1 and 2 boxes, enter up to 35 characters per line. In the Display URL box, enter a URL that will be visible in your ad. Then click ‘Save’ and ‘Continue’ button.

9. Provide your billing information, and then click ‘Save’ and ‘Continue’.

10. Read and agree to the terms of the Google AdWords program. Review everything, and then click ‘Save’.

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Your ad appears on Google almost immediately. You can perform a few searches on Google search to see where your ad appears on the results page because the position of your ad is very important to the success of your campaign.

If your ad doesn’t appear on the first page, you’re not paying enough. You might have to click the See More Sponsored Links to see your ad.

If you want your ad to be seen on the first page, log in to your AdWords account, and click to your campaign. If you have several campaigns, look for your campaign name among the list of your campaigns. Raise the maximum amount you are paying, and click ‘Save’. Then go back to the Google results screen and refresh it by pressing F5.

Check the position of your ad. If your ad has moved higher in the results page, you know what your competitors have spent to get their position. If your ad position hasn’t moved up, you either have to raise your bid or your Quality Score is low with respect to your competitors.

The position of your ad will not set forever because as your competitors optimize their campaign, you might lose the spot of your ad. So make sure to revisit your campaign at least once a month and try to optimize your campaign.

By John Stanford – 2019 – Update 2020
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