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How to Write Headline That Grab Readers Attention

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Why headlines are so important in advertisements? How easily can you write great headlines every time for your ad or sales letter?

The headline is responsible for 80 percent of a successful advertisement or a sales letter. If the headline fails to attract the attention of your prospects, the rest of your ad or sales copy will not be read.

A good headline is the one that compels the prospect to read the first paragraph. He or she will be curious enough to want to know more about the offer. The greatest benefit of your product or service from your reader’s point of view should be part of your headline.

When you get ready to write an ad, spend many hours and if necessary several days writing headlines. Years of research and testing has proved that on the average, five times as many people read the headlines as they read the body copy. If your headline fails to sell your product, you have wasted 80 percent of your effort.

You will learn how to ignite your sales by creating headlines with amazing power.

What makes certain headlines successful? 

Direct response tests prove certain qualities that a good headline should posses. Here they are:

Self-interest. This is the most important part of a successful ad copy.

Self-interest combined with curiosity. Whenever you correctly combine self-interest and curiosity, you’ll come up with a very powerful headline.

Quick, easy, or simple way. People are interested in doing something or a solution that’s quick, easy or simple to do.

Believability. If your offer is not believable it loses credibility. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. You must come up with facts and figures. Past testimonials from satisfied customers or past reviews, such as news release or good review done by others who are experts in the field related to your product or service can greatly help build credibility.

News combined with self-interest. People pay attention to headline news if it appeals to their interest.

Whenever you plan to write headlines, be sure to write as many headlines as you possibly can come up with. Select your best 5-10 headlines and test to see which one outperform the others.

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A good headline must accomplish three basic tasks:

1. It must stop the reader and immediately grab his or her attention.

2. It must make a big promise that interests the reader.

3. It must create enough curiosity combined with the great benefit.

The number-one job of your headline is to grab the reader’s attention. To accomplish this, your headline must make a claim or promise and at the same time stir up curiosity so that your readers want to read the copy to find out more. Here are great headline examples:

Do You Make These Mistakes In English?

How to Make Money In Stock Market

A compelling headline must draws readers into body copy by providing the biggest and most important benefit of your offer.

Here are three effective headline templates you can use:

1. How-To Headline.

Try to tie “How-To” to a benefit your prospect cares about. Example:

How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

2. Question Headline.

You can ask a question that creates a desire to know the answer. Example:

Do You Make These Mistakes In Your Daily Exercise?

3. Secrets of Headline.

Everyone is curious to find out the secrets of something. Example:

Secrets of Feeling and Looking Young

By Paul Ziglar – 2019 – Update 2020
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