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How to Write Headline That Grab Readers Attention

The headline is responsible for 80 percent of a successful advertisement or a sales letter. If the headline fails to attract the attention of your prospects, the rest of your ad or sales copy will not be read.

A good headline must accomplish three basic tasks:

1. It must stop the reader and immediately grab his or her attention.

2. It must make a big promise that interests the reader.

3. It must create enough curiosity combined with the great benefit.

The number-one job of your headline is to grab the reader’s attention. To accomplish this, your headline must make a claim or promise and at the same time stir up curiosity so that your readers want to read the copy to find out more. Here are two examples:

Do You Make These Mistakes In English?

How to Make Money In Stock Market

A compelling headline must draws readers into body copy by providing the biggest and most important benefit of your offer.

Here are three effective headline templates you can use:

1. How-To Headline.

Try to tie “How-To” to a benefit your prospect cares about. Example:

How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

2. Question Headline.

You can ask a question that creates a desire to know the answer. Example:

Do You Make These Mistakes In Your Daily Exercise?

3. Secrets of Headline.

Everyone is curious to find out the secrets of something. Example:

Secrets of Feeling and Looking Young

By Paul Ziglar – 2019
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