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Secrets to Success in Business

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What is the secret to success in business and what to do in order to be successful in your business?

In order to succeed in your business, you must be willing to share information about your successes and failures with your team. Your success will depend how successful they are. As you learn and see something is working for you, be sure to share it with your team member. What you want is to build a very large organization that no matter how many miles away from you, it would work and grow.

Go over this information and read it once a week to keep you at the edge. The greatest gift you could ever give yourself is the wisest business decision you can make today.

The Secrets to Success

Why success is so important? Is it money? Is it pride? The biggest advantage of success is the freedom and the joy that comes with success. It is where you see yourself up rather than down. It is the great feeling of the character that you see yourself. It is the ability to reach and help your family and loved ones that you care about. It is to make your dreams come true along with the financial independence and the feeling of peace and security.

You may wonder why some people are very successful, and on the other hand, some are barely getting by?

The answer is that success starts with you. Every day that you make decisions has positive or negative impact on your road to success. These decisions are what make you what you are today. Every decision you make on a daily basis does matter and the compound effect over a period of time determine whether the decisions are correct and positive or negative…whether you are moving forward to the right direction or moving backward in life.

Successful people have burning desire to move ahead in life. They are motivated. They take action whenever it is needed to move them one step forward. A positive attitude turn into a positive action and the correct and timely action turns into a good result and a good life.

A positive attitude comes from getting out of your comfort zone and to associate yourself with positive and motivated people who desire to build good character for themselves and their families.

If you look around you will notice that generally successful people have positive attitude. They are confident. They don’t fear getting rejected because they know they are continually moving in a right direction.

On the other hand, if you notice people who have not moved forward in life, they always try to find some excuse to blame someone for their failures. When they are presented with an opportunity, they automatically try to procrastinate. They look for something negative to excuse themselves. They try to find something wrong with the product, service, company, or whatever comes to their mind to reject the whole idea.

They have trained their mind over the course of their lives that nothing good can come about their lives. The fact is that they just don’t want to bother themselves with anything that conflict with their comfort zone. These are the people you want to keep your distance because they will also try to poison you and plant negative seeds in your mind.

In order to be successful, you must be aware of your environment. You must make positive decisions and take positive actions over and over, and the compound effect will eventually turns to positive outcome.

The life for successful people is not full proof. They also fail from time to time. But the more they fail, the more they become determined to overcome their failures. The failure to a successful person is a good lesson. In marketing, you have to be aware that some of your attempts will fail. Through these failures when you discover the right combinations that turns out to be an overnight success.

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Gaining Knowledge

One of the foundations of making the right decision is having a good knowledge. Whenever you start a venture you are at the lowest level of your knowledge and the highest level of your anxiety. Remember it takes time to reach where you want to be. You have to plant seeds, cultivate, and then rip the profits. You cannot go from planting seeds to harvest. You have to be persistent and continuously strive to move ahead.

If you wait until you have all the knowledge, you will be waiting all your life. The time does not stop for you. Every day that passes by is a day that can move you closer to your dreams or to pull you back.

In order to gain knowledge, you must first get out of your comfort zone. There will be plenty of time to watch TV once you get where you want to be. Start reading good motivational and marketing books. Two good books that I highly recommend are Power of Positive Thinking, and How to Win Friends and Influence People. You should also start to be around positive and successful people. Talk to people who have made it to the top, and most important, take actions to find out.

If you start reading only five pages of a good book a day, it would not make a tremendous difference in that day, but over time the compound effect over a year will make a difference. All of a sudden things start to change. When you keep plugging in every day, finally you will reach your goal. You begin to notice positive changes in your life. Things that have not been working begin to work.

Remember when you start to go to school. You had a goal and vision. You kept studying until the result finally paid off.

Most successful people don’t have a business degree. And many degreed business people are not successful. If that was the case, all university professors would be millionaires.

The worst enemy to success is the fear of failure. The second enemy is that many people just do not want to get out of their comfort zone. You must learn to discipline yourself. You must train yourself to make positive little decisions every day. Remember that not to take any action or dwelling in negative thinking over a period of time will turn your life upside down.

In order to succeed, you just have to move ahead a little every day and the time would work on your behalf. Eventually you will reach to your goals. Make the best of your time to achieve where you want to be.

The same is true in marketing any service or product. You must set a goal. You must have a marketing plan and keep working towards your plan. Don’t allow any failure to stop you. Any failure would simply give you more knowledge to continue towards success. Use it as a testing ground. Keep testing and before you realize it you will have the right combination to move ahead. Fear of failure is what keeps you from taking action and success. It will prevent you from building a successful business.

The opportunity is everywhere. All you have to do is to keep your eyes and your ears open and start paying attention. Don’t worry about what other people think. Don’t pay attention when someone turns you down. When you know your actions are right, then you begin to feel sorry for those who find reasons to reject you because their lifestyle tells you that they haven’t reach to the peak of their lives and may never get there.

You want to model people who are successful. Failures try to convince you that what you are doing is a waste of time and won’t get you anywhere. The main reason for that is they want to keep you at their level. They are generally jealous people who envy successful people. If you want to be successful, keep your distance from these negative characters. They will poison your thought process and keep you from reaching your dreams.

A true successful person generally inspires others. True leaders always take responsibility for their actions. Any time you blame others, you give up control to the other person.

The same is true with healthy or unhealthy people. Healthy people are conscious of what they eat. They usually find time to exercise and do what is necessary to keep them healthy. Their daily decisions compounded over a period of time will show.

What do you do if you want to improve yourself to get fit? You start by watching what you eat. You start by eating healthy food and keep away from junk foods. You start by doing a daily exercise. You keep repeating and eventually you will get healthy and fit body you ever wanted to have. It only takes one step at a time. A healthy and fit body will also result in a healthy and sharp mind.


The choice you make on a daily basis will determine whether you are moving forward or stay where you at. You have to keep moving forward towards your goal with positive thinking along with action before you reach where you want to be. The key to remember is not to get discouraged. Be determined and I assure you before long you will get there.

Success does not come from thin air. It starts with an action. It has a beginning and this is what most people miss to realize. Success starts with positive thinking along with positive action.

If you say someday you will do what you plan to do, that day will never come. You begin with today. Time is passing by.

Accept full responsibility for your action. Don’t blame others for any failures because it puts you in a negative mind. A negative action will bring in a negative result.

Unsuccessful people usually try to find someone or something to blame. They generally dwell in past failures. No wonder they fail because they subconsciously have put themselves in a vicious circle. You cannot afford that.

Be fully aware of any negative thought and don’t allow it to enter your mind. Don’t dwell in the past failures. Start today and lift yourself up rather than putting yourself down. Failures happen to everyone. None of us are perfect creature. What makes the difference is what you learn from your mistakes and use it to your advantage.

Have a clear picture of your future. Start by writing down your goals and where you want to be a year from today. Write down your short and long-term goals and think ahead where you really want to be. Your goal must be specific; otherwise it will be only wishful thinking. You must set goal before you can try to achieve it. If there is no target, you will be running aimlessly.

Try to master positive thinking. Be alert and on guard for any negative thought entering your mind. Get rid of all negative habits and negative activities. Your attitude, habits and activities are determining factors in your success or failures.

When you try to ride on a bicycle for the first time, you try to balance. You keep doing it over and over again. You fall down and even hurt yourself. What gets you going is your determination. You don’t get discouraged. You already know in the back of your mind that eventually you will master it and you will. The same is true with running and promoting your business. The key is to never give up. Never get discouraged. I can guaranty that if you keep doing and have determination, you will be successful in anything you have a burning desire for.

My final and most important advice to you is to have faith in God and second in yourself. People with faith have stronger and healthier mind. They are more courageous and have a great source to depend on. Believe first and you will receive the good things that life has to offer. Support your team and give your feedbacks. Always be willing to help. Think like a leader before you can be one.

You have to keep supporting your team to move in a positive direction. Be excited and keep your team excited.

If you read the biography of successful people, you notice that they all had a vision and determination. They all had failures but never gave up. They learned from their mistakes. They all had burning desire to get where they wanted to be. They did not live in their comfort zone. They took action when it was necessary.

Think of your habits. Are they taking you one step ahead? If not, replace them with good habits. Keep working at it one step at a time. Finally you get rid of all the negativities that prevent you from moving forward.

Every day, ask yourself what you did that day to take you one step ahead. Did you eat healthy food? Did you get some exercise? Did you work on building your business? Did you take some positive action? At the end of the week go back and evaluate to see what you have accomplished.

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If you are not moving forward towards your goal, think again. What prevent you from being successful? Remember that it takes time, but every single positive step counts in your favor. After several weeks you begin to notice a change. You will start to associate yourself with positive people and positive actions. Nothing can stop you from moving ahead in life.

You learn more from your failures than your successes. That’s where you find success.

The only way to succeed in business is to actively be involved in the process of building one step at a time. You cannot build it by only thinking about what you intend to do or planning to do. You never learn swimming until you get your feet wet. The same is true with any business. You have to take action in order to learn the rope. A consistent series of small positive actions can lead you to success. Continue to improve yourself and to move your marketing plan forward.

Make your goal by setting deadline and try to achieve it. Remember to constantly remind yourself everyday about the action you need to get you closer to your dream.

Keep yourself in the company of positive people. People you associate with definitely have impact on your life and on your future. Stay focused on your goal and the road to success. The only thing that can limit you is yourself. It may take you a few years to reach financial independence but it takes your entire life to failure by not taking the first step.

The difference between successful people than those who continue to fail is that successful people keep repeating the right steps with faith. Over a period of time the result will manifest itself.

When you stop moving forward, your business would not be destroyed today, but eventually it stop growing.

When you exercise only one day, you don’t see the result. But when you continue to exercise, you begin to notice the big difference in a few months if not weeks. Now what happen if you stop your daily exercise? Your fit body starts to diminish. Whatever you do every single day makes a difference whether you’re moving ahead or not.

The same is true with running a business. At first you may become uncomfortable, but as you begin to see good result, your anxiety start to disappear. It turns to become a habit. Your daily business activities become joyful.

Successful people live outside of their comfort zone and do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

You must have a plan. Set a specific goal and set a deadline, then try your best to achieve it. Next, you set the second goal and work to reach it within a time limit. And so on. Being specific and setting a deadline are very important. First, you must set a specific goal so you know what the target is. You have to know exactly what you are planning to achieve. By setting a deadline, you push yourself and make time to reach it. Without a goal, you are moving blindly…you don’t know where you will be in a month, six months, or a year from today. A specific goal along with a plan would layout a road map for you to follow.

Just try to do it rather than trying to figure everything first. You learn by doing it. You discover the answer as you move along, but you have to keep moving.

In order to change the outcome, you must start with yourself. Instead of thinking about past failures, start pumping yourself with positive thoughts and a great future you will have. Rather than having pity for yourself, start by telling yourself every day that you are moving in a right direction and you have what it takes to become very successful.

Start claiming even the things you don’t have today. Do it every day. Before you go to sleep, start pumping yourself with a very bright positive future. Negative thought would only produce negative results. Just as a body builder need to lift weight every day in order to build muscles, your subconscious mind will also need positive thoughts in order to move you in the right direction.

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How to Promote Your Business

To make the information to work, you must have to put it in the right environment. For example, for a smoker to quit smoking, he or she must be in a healthy non-smoking environment. You could be very motivated, but if you surround yourself and seek advice from negative people, you will not move ahead.

In order to succeed, you must associate yourself with people who possess positive attitude. If you have not moved ahead in life that means you continue to do the same thing that continue to produce the same result.

Set your vision high and never give up. Don’t allow any distraction to get you off track. Keep on moving. You will have ups and downs. Don’t lose belief in yourself and your team. Your positive attitude will turn into positive action and result in positive outcome. Be excited and your team will be excited to take the same positive attitude.

The best home-based business is direct-response business. This is a business that you choose your hungry target market, develop a product yourself or simply locate the product or service, and then try to market directly to your target market. Most businesses on the Internet are direct response business. There is a product or service that people search for and purchase directly.

Direct response business is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is a business and you must treat it as a business. Just give it time and you’ll see the result. It may take six-month to a year before you really notice the great outcome. Don’t let the low start-up fee to fool you. Be thankful that it made it so easy and affordable for you to get started in this business opportunity.

This business is very simple to run. Don’t make it complicated. You will make some mistakes at the beginning. Don’t let that worry you. Your mistakes will teach and guide you to build a better business.

One of the reasons why some people fail is because they get frustrated and quit soon when the success is only around the corner. If you want this business to prosper, you must give it time.

You will be making money from some people you don’t even know. That’s the beauty of this business. In the long run, you will have time and freedom to enjoy life rather than working for someone who may let you go some day when you need him the most. You will be your own boss. You will have joy in life rather than stress. The experience and financial freedom direct response business will bring you is enormous. I don’t know of any other business that you can start so easily with a very low startup cost. You will be in a position to start and run other successful businesses if you choose so. If that does not excite you, I don’t know what could?

Another secret to success in this business is commitment. You must be persistent. Continue to learn and at the same time try to market. Knowledge and activity will translate in positive result. You will keep learning by doing, by marketing.

And finally you must be willing to learn and expand your knowledge about online and offline marketing, direct-response copywriting, and about the specific business you plan to enter. Good luck.

By Paul Ziglar – 2019 – Update 2020
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