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How to Have Super Sex For Life

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Regain Your Youthful Sexual Desire, Performance, and Pleasure!

How to Have Super Sex For Life

For Men and Women

Has your interest in sex dropped, or your ability to perform become difficult?

Well, you are not alone. That happens to many men and women as they get older. However, it doesn’t have to be that way!

The reason that happens is because your body is not producing an important sexual hormone – testosterone. It’s usually thought of as the most important male hormone, but women also need testosterone because it stimulates their sex drive.

Your body naturally produces several master hormones that regulate how fast you age, and how young or old you look and feel. However, sexual drive and activity normally begins to drop after age 30. Male and female sexual dysfunction is a common medical condition that can have a major impact on quality of life and relationship. Unfortunately, for literally millions of men and women, sex is disappointing or frustrating than fun.

Male sexual problems are mainly lack of sexual desire and impotence. Female sexual dysfunction is often includes declining sexual desire, problems with lubrication and sensation, and difficulty having an orgasm.

With fewer youth hormones circulating through your body, you begin to feel and experience the following problems usually after you reach 50:

  • Lower sexual desire
  • Lower energy, motivation, and sense of well-being
  • Weight gain – especially in the belly
  • Loss of memory – your short-term memory begin to decline
  • Sagging facial skin – wrinkles start spreading around your eyes and mouth
  • Loss of bone strength
  • Loss of muscle mass and strength – your muscles grow weak and flabby
  • Thinning hair
  • Irritable
  • Weakened immune system – it becomes harder for your cells and organs to repair themselves
  • Heart problems
  • Lower… and finally no orgasm
  • Slower to lubricate and less desire for lovemaking (in women)
  • Erectile issues and prostate problems (in men)
  • Loss of height

By your 60s, you’re making only 10 to 20 percent of the youth hormones you made in your 20s. You start to look and feel older with every passing year. While these changes are perfectly normal, they can still be quite disturbing.

These health problems can be eliminated or greatly reduced when you restore your low hormone level back to the level when they were younger.

Anti-Aging Hormone Treatment: Is It Safe?

Can hormones slow down or reverse the signs of aging?

Ask your doctor for advice about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and you’re likely to hear something like: “On one hand, it helps to retain muscle mass and bone density, cures hot flashes and it may reduce your risk of osteoporosis and heart disease. On the other hand, it could increase your risk for uterine and breast cancer.”

For men, getting injections of testosterone is not usually recommended because of the potential side effects. With men, the majority of impotence or erectile inadequacy cases are caused by four conditions:

  1. All men need a sufficient amount of testosterone, the primary male hormone, in their system. If testosterone levels are low, there’s little desire for sex and no ability to get an erection.
  1. An erection occurs because an area in the brain directs the autonomous system to pump the penis full of blood. It’s the blood that makes the penis firm. If you have circulatory problems, not enough blood can be pumped to the penis.
  1. There are nerves in the brain called alpha 2-adrenergic receptors. If these receptors are activated, they will prevent the blood valves to the penis from opening. As some people get older, these receptors stay active probably due to the normal deterioration of the brain because of aging.
  1. High cholesterol is associated with impotence. For every 10 point rise in cholesterol above normal, there’s a 32% increase in the risk of impotence.

Fortunately all the above 4 problems can be resolved. Doctors estimate that over 85% of men over 70 can’t get a firm erection. 52% of men 40 to 70 years old have some degree of erectile inadequacy. Most men over 40 start to feel sexual problems such as lack of sexual desire and performance.

The percentage gets higher the older you get… Yet, it is not unusual to find a 70 year old that has the same desire and performance as a 35 year old. Men do not have a ‘male menopause’ where they suddenly stop producing so much testosterone.

Facts about Viagra and Similar Drugs

Viagra is a drug and available only by prescription. Viagra is not an aphrodisiac and does not affect a male’s libido. A man with no interest in sexual activity will not develop an interest if he takes this drug. Viagra only helps him function sexually by blocking enzyme found in the penis. Cialis works the same way as Viagra with similar side effect.

Side Effect: Headache is a common side effect. Several deaths are linked to Viagra. Sexual stamina needs to be built slowly through more natural means that are compatible with all the system of the body. A sudden jolt of activity can produce stress on the body may be especially felt by the heart and the circulatory system, resulting in heart attack or stroke.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take big risks. Viagra may aid the erectile process, but they do nothing for libido, arousal, and pleasure associated with lovemaking. There is a safe way to enhance potency. Use natural formula that offers a boost to the libido as well as stimulating an erection.

When you put the information in this book to work for you, it actually makes you naturally want sex instead of just getting you hard. This is what you want because when you want it, the sex is much better and longer-lasting. You’ll have the staying power for heart-pounding orgasm after orgasm! You’ll have all the stamina you need to keep going for as long as you want!

Discover Powerful Secrets

To Supercharge Your Sex Drive!

So with all these issues facing both Men and Women– what are you supposed to do? The great news is, this doesn’t have to be!

Author and anti-aging expert, David Jacobson unlocks the mystery based on over 35 years of intensive research and provide you with stunning answers in his book, “How to Have Super Sex For Life.” You’ll find amazing secrets to help you boost your youthful sexual desire and pleasure… performance… prolong your staying power…and much more.

With these secrets, sex will be better than ever – for you and your partner!

Here’s a very short sample of what you’ll discover:

  • Some facts that can have an adverse effect on your Sex life
  • Symptoms of low sex hormones in Men and Women
  • Understanding Important facts about Hormones
  • Estrogen’s role in your sex life
  • Estrogen’s role in your skin and hair
  • Going through perimenopause and menopause syndrome
  • How to Keep menopause from slowing you down
  • Foods that calms mood swings, irritability, and hot flashes… and gives you a good night’s sleep
  • Common causes of impotence and sexual dysfunction in men
  • Major causes of impotence
  • How to delay or prevent prostate disease
  • Necessary hormones – for men and women
  • Boosting your sex drive with natural hormones
  • Benefits of testosterone in men and women
  • Why testosterone is crucial for your body?
  • How to boost testosterone levels naturally – The keys to great sex
  • 10 Ways to naturally increase testosterone levels
  • Powerful secrets to supercharge your sex drive for life
  • Natural aphrodisiac for men
  • Natural aphrodisiac for women
  • How to increase your sexual potency for life
  • Proper meal for super potency
  • Exciting new ways to increase sexual desire and performance
  • 2 Vegetables that’s very effective for increasing libido in both sexes when eaten raw. (It is very common to have extreme sexual desire and potency just few hours after consuming and… it only cost pennies a day)
  • Certain herbs and foods that restores sex drive… find out which one really works

Plus so much more…

Increase Your Sexual Desire, Potency, and Pleasure

In Less Than 2 Weeks Naturally

Whether you are impotent, just experiencing decreased libido, or you are simply not feeling at the peak of your level, certain fruits and vegetables can help you and your partner the joys of sexual intimacy that you have been missing. Herbs and vegetables are generally safer than medicine, more affordable, and have fewer side effects.

For centuries, doctors, scientists and plant biologists have searched for answers to many sexual problems that affect men as well as women. Also, some very old cultured people in South America, Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world have discovered certain nutrition and herbs to boost their libido and increase their sexual performance that are not known to general public.

Certain herbs offer you the opportunity to ensure that you maintain a sexually active lifestyle for the rest of your life. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It restores healthy, normal sexual function to people with disorders ranging from lack of sexual desire to impotence.
  • It stimulates production of optimal sex hormone levels.
  • It increases libido in men as well as women.

If you are having problems with lack of sexual desire and sexual activity, you can take advantage of these natural breakthroughs to boost your libido and stimulate the production of youth hormones, elevating your mood and sexual satisfaction.

The natural ways must first be tried. Almost without exception they can help you. They are natural and without side effects. Now you can have the sexual vitality of a 35 year old at 60 or 70.

No Need to Give Up on Sex

Increase Your Sexual Drive and Potency

at Any Age Without Drugs

Giving up on sex at any age can be symbolically giving up on all of life. It can drain vitality out of your relationship, your work, your sense of physical well-being and many of the other satisfactions that the life can bring. It can also cut you off from loving and being loved – experiences which we all need fully alive.

You don’t have to lose your sex life, nor do you have to suffer from fatigue, depression, or sagging muscles. Improving your sex life will also have a direct and positive impact on your health.

Sexual pleasure is an important part of life, and now there are certain foods whose ingredients have been proven to enhance sexual pleasure by increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs, and providing raw materials required for increasing the number of erections in men as well as heightening tactile sensation in both sexes.

If you don’t solve your declining sexual problem, your age-related health problems will continue to get worse, and you can suffer from additional health ailments.

These guidelines will help you to restore energy and vitality, rejuvenate powerful passion and desire, build more muscle, and satisfy your lover every time. Now you have an opportunity to make a huge difference on your sexual health and bring happiness to both you and your partner. You will be able to experience the kind of sexual pleasure you thought was lost forever.

You’ll learn about a series of discoveries that explain why sexual problems do not have to be the natural result of aging. Some recent research and studies have discovered several ways to improve the sex drive of aging men and women. This book is written to introduce dozens of powerful natural sex boosters that increase energy, sensation, and libido for both men and women.

Stop putting up with just an ordinary or unsatisfactory sex life. You can have the kind of explosive sex you had when you were in your 20’s! Order now, and surprise your partner with unforgettable memories just days from now!

You Have 3 Choices

You’ve seen overwhelming medical proof that you need to increase your hormone level now. So you have 3 choices…

# 1. Do nothing – and watch with anger and frustration as your health, sexual power, energy, mood and other health markers keep getting worse as you age.

# 2. Take prescription synthetic hormone – which costs over $200.00 a month, is usually not covered by insurance and suppresses your body’s natural ability to make the important hormones.

# 3. Order “How to Have Super Sex For Life” with proven hormone-boosters and releasers so you can get the benefits of increased hormone without the high cost, and without suppressing your body’s own ability to produce hormone.

This means that you can feel and perform like you did 20 years ago too! Try it risk-free and see for yourself now!

Your quality of life and sexual health depend on the action you take now!

The best part, you don’t have to wait days for it to arrive in the mail or pay for shipping charges. We decided to have this book only in digital format and to pass the saving to you to quickly access and download this exciting and unique information that can change your sex life forever.

You can instantly download the entire book in PDF format. It is a total of 68 pages, 10 chapters, 8½ x 11 inches (21 x 28 cm) format, and copyright in 2019.

You have the option of viewing it on your computer or tablet screen at any size you prefer and print any portion or the entire pages of this book and place it in a 3-ring binder if you prefer to keep a physical copy.

This unique guide is offered to you at the amazingly low price of only $14.97 if you Act Now! You’ll learn lots of tested techniques that work. And remember your guarantee – you have nothing to lose… but a whole lot to gain.

Publisher’s List Price $19.97  Now Just $14.97 If You Order Today

100% Risk Free Guarantee

We think you’ll love this e-book. Feel free to review it for 30 days. If for any reason, you are not delighted, after you have examined it for 30 days, you may contact us for a prompt and courteous refund, no questions will be asked.

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