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Ultimate Guide to Successful Self-Publishing

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How to Create and Market Nonfiction Books!

Ultimate Guide to Successful


by Paul Ziglar

Why so many entrepreneurs are attracted to self-publishing? The publishing business is very appealing. It offers low startup costs, low risks and high potential rewards. The business can be run from home with very low overhead and at the same time can have a large number of customers from around the world.

The publishing business is not a get rich quick scheme. However, is not uncommon for a publishing business to start with less than $3,000 equipment and with a powerful copywriting and good marketing plan generate over $20,000 a month within a year. This business is famous for its millionaire success stories.

As a publisher of nonfiction and how-to information, you don’t need any writing skills. The opportunities for making profit from how-to information are virtually unlimited. Self-publishing is perhaps the best opportunity that’s available to anyone with an average intelligence, starting with little money, and still make a fortune.

Publishing a book establishes the credentials for an author. You will gain recognition as an authority on a given subject. Your book can have impact on the lives of thousands of people. Your words could influence the thoughts and actions of your readers.

Once you have established your reputation as an expert on one area, it is much easier to come up with another book on the same subject. You will be able to use the same contacts to promote, market, and distribute your new book.

Self-published book if successful can be picked up by a big publisher. Several years ago, inspirational speaker James Redfield sold 90,000 copies of his book, The Celestine Prophecy. Later, Warner Books paid $800,000 for the world rights. There are now more than 6 million copies of the book in print. This book is also available in audiotape. And there are many other self-publishers who have reached fames and fortunes.

Why Self-Publishing is the Ideal Business

Self-publishing can be the road to independence and financial freedom. It can be a motivating factor for entrepreneurs to launch their own business and turn their dreams into reality. There is less government regulation in publishing than in most other businesses.

The biggest advantage is you can begin your business part-time while keeping your present job. You work at your own pace and schedule. After you have gained more experience and confidence in your business, then you may want to expand by publishing other’s work and bring deserving writers to the public’s attention. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Low startup cost. A small publishing company can be started with minimal equipment. The main equipment needed is phone, computer, word processing software, and a laser printer. Many self-publishing businesses have been started with only several hundred dollars. Such a small amount to start a nationwide or international business is incredible. Other businesses that make the kind of profits and margins require enormous amounts of starting capital.
  • Low overhead cost. A small publishing company doesn’t require a storefront. The business can be operated from home. It is not necessary to hire editorial pros, proofreaders, graphic designers, copywriters, advertising agents, or public relations people. Most of the work can be contracted out. Outside printing, duplication services, order taking and answering services eliminate the need for staff and expensive office equipment. At the same time, you can do any of these jobs yourself.
  • Low product development cost. Self-published works are relatively cheap to produce. The only cost in producing many of the information products is labor. One person can create a book or newsletter by using a personal computer. Many of the expenses are tax deductible.
  • Low product reproduction cost. An information product can be digitized or reproduced at print shops or duplication houses for a small amount of money.
  • High market demand. The demand for books and information products continue to grow. The vast majority of information products can be sold anywhere in the world. Your market is the entire planet and your customers are mostly intelligent consumers.
  • High perceived value relative to cost. Information products sell for 10 to over 100 times of their costs.
  • Low marketing cost. Successful publishers create products for pre-defined markets. The use of press releases, product reviews, and direct-response marketing allows the publisher to start small and roll out marketing in stages.
  • Small inventory requirements. Books, manuals, CD-ROMs and DVDs can be quickly reproduced.
  • Low break-even points. With a low product reproduction cost and low overhead cost, it is easy to break even quickly.
  • No competition. You possess all rights. Not only publishing rights, but audio rights, video rights, and foreign sales rights. Continued marketing through self-publishing will build steady demand and generate greater income over a long period of time.
  • You are in control. You retain complete control over your work. As a self-publisher, you can edit the content, choose the title and cover design, determine the price, plan the promotion, and collect all the profits. You can turn your book into e-book, CD-ROM, audiotape, newsletter, magazine article, and any combination to provide an irresistible offer.
  • Tremendous flexibility. Major book publishers are slow in getting a book finished and into stores. It usually takes 14 to 18 months for a book to go through the publishing process. On the other hand, a self-publisher can quickly react to market demand for creating a new product or modifying an existing one in less than 6 months. Self-publishers also don’t rely solely on bookstores, but combining several different marketing techniques to move a title over a long period of time.
  • Tremendous profit potential. You can have hundreds of affiliates selling your books for you. You can create an informative e-book and start selling it through many available channels of distribution or through your own blog or website.

As a self-publisher, you can live anywhere in the world, work in a prestigious field when you want to, and create a lifestyle for yourself others only dream of. And when you’re ready to sell the business, it’s one of the most attractive to prospective buyers.

We are now witnessing our industrial-based economy changing into an information-based economy. This presents a good opportunity for self-publishers to succeed and profit from the most powerful trend that is just beginning to explode.

Self-publishing can be the least expensive way of starting a business. Your published work can generate income for many years while reaching millions of people with your ideas.

Many entrepreneurs around the country are creating and marketing their work. Many people without previous publishing experience are succeeding in this business, mainly because of the low start-up costs and the high margin profits. You can find advertisements for self-published works in virtually every publication and electronic media.

If you have experience in a specific field or willing to do some research, you can come up with an interesting book. If you don’t have any writing ability, you can still produce a manuscript by using the services of ghostwriters, editors, or simply purchasing the rights to an existing manuscript.

Self-published works may include books, manuals, reports, newsletters, directories, works of fiction, etc. Any information can be stored on a CD-ROM, DVD, or printed copy can be transferred through a wire line. Internet is a perfect environment for marketing self-published works. A potential buyer can be charged before he or she can access or download the information through a computer.

Today’s self-publishers can start up a website or communicate through email almost free. The information within a book can be downloaded through a website without any costs of printing, postage or shipping.

The publishing business is very appealing. It offers low startup costs, low risks and high potential rewards. The business can be run from home with very low overhead and at the same time can have a large number of customers from around the world.

What will you learn from “Ultimate Guide to Successful Self-Publishing?”

Everything you need to know how to research, write, publish, and successfully sell your own book online or offline will be covered in this unique and practical manual.

Paul Ziglar with over 25 years of knowledge in direct-response marketing and publishing will teach you step-by step detailed instructions on how to start and run your publishing company successfully. You will learn both traditional publishing and direct-response marketing to market your books or information products. You can take advantage of all methods to maximize your profits, or simply use the methods you prefer.

Whether you’re an author, an entrepreneur, or a newcomer to publishing world, you can learn to write and publish your own book with the help of this manual. You will learn proven marketing strategies to get free publicity, reach buyers and sell your books online and offline.

Whether you are an author and plan to self-publish your written work, or have a publishing company and want to make it a successful company, you can benefit from the information contained in this manual.

Briefly, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Your publishing options on how to publish a book
  • What is involved in self-publishing?
  • Seven steps to profitable self-publishing
  • How to choose a marketable subject
  • How to choose the right topic for your book
  • Secrets of creating a successful book
  • How to research your topic
  • Step-by-step guide to preparing your manuscript
  • The easiest way to start writing your manuscript
  • How to design and produce your book
  • Your early pre-publishing activities for success of your book
  • Proper pricing of your book for maximum profits
  • How to get your book listed to make your book and your company easy to locate
  • How to obtain merchant account for your business
  • Reference material for self-publishing
  • How to schedule the publication of your book
  • Checklist to help you with sufficient planning and scheduling your book while you’re working on your manuscript
  • How to get the best quality for the best price on all your printing
  • 31 Ways to save money printing books
  • How many books to print
  • Important guide to publishing and marketing e-books
  • Creating e-book using PDF, MOBI or EPUB files
  • How to create effective sales page
  • How to set the best price for your e-book
  • How to distribute and sell your e-book through online bookstores
  • How to market your e-books online
  • Tips for marketing your self-published book
  • How to sell your books on your own website
  • How to create and publish your own newsletter
  • How to publish audio, CD, and DVD
  • How to publish a book without writing
  • How to buy the rights to a best-selling book
  • How to obtain free publicity
  • How to write effective news releases
  • How to turn publicity into profits
  • When to send your news release
  • How to market your books to bookstores and libraries
  • Distributing your books through distributors
  • How to choose the right distributor
  • How to sell your books to chain bookstores
  • Planning an effective marketing campaign
  • How to sell your books to retail outlet
  • How to sell subsidiary rights
  • How to sell to book clubs
  • How to sell your books to foreign markets
  • How to sell your book through independent dealers
  • How to set-up distribution
  • Where to locate dealers
  • How to create and market your own catalog
  • How to market your book and information product to catalog houses
  • How to manage your business successfully

And much more…

Paul Ziglar will show you step-by-step how to create and publish your own work, minimize risks, and maximize profits. We are sure that you will find this manual one of the best if not the best and most comprehensive information about successful self-publishing.

You’ll learn how to save years of trial and errors and thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs… and to avoid all the costly mistakes made by most self-publishers.

What are some facts in Self-Publishing?

There are several facts about publishing you need to be aware of:

  • More than 50 percent of all books sold in the United States are sold through direct-response marketing.
  • The secret of success in self-publishing is marketing.
  • Bestseller lists have little to do with the number of books sold in the United States. They reflect only those books sold in bookstores. The list is compiled from information supplied by few major bookstores.
  • Marketing a book through bookstores can be expensive and time-consuming. You are competing for shelf space with over 80,000 other titles.
  • It takes several weeks if not months to collect from bookstores or distributors. You will receive cash with order when you sell direct to your customers.
  • If you are equipped with desktop publishing, your only cost of the book will be printing. A book may cost only $2 to $4 a copy to print. CD-ROM duplication cost less than $1. If you sell electronic version of your book, there is no duplication or printing cost.
  • You don’t have to be a writer to self-publish a book. Many popular books are ghostwritten collaborations.

The self-publisher deals directly with the printer and handles as many of the writing, editing, proofing, typesetting, promotion and distribution jobs as he or she can. What they can’t do, they contract out to other companies. If you are on a tight budget, you will be doing most of the work, including research, writing, editing, designing, typesetting, copywriting, marketing and advertising.

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Printing option allows you to print and store everything in a 3-ring binder so you can review and highlight the parts for your future quick reference. Then pick up a highlighter and read every chapter as is organized to take you step-by-step into creating and marketing your book or information product.

You will learn both traditional publishing and direct-response marketing to produce and successfully market your books and information material both online and offline.

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Publisher’s List Price $49.97  Now Just $37 If You Order Today

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We think you’ll love this e-book. Feel free to review it for 30 days. If for any reason, you are not delighted, after you have examined it for 30 days, you may contact us for a prompt and courteous refund, no questions will be asked.

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