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Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization

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How to Get Your Website to Top of Search Engine Results Page!

Ultimate Guide to

Search Engine Optimization

by John Stanford

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of getting your company to show at the top of relevant search engines. With most people turning first to search engines, SEO is your free gateway to more inquiries and more sales.

Search engine optimization has changed over the years, along with the search engines themselves, and it will continue to change.

In order to appear on the first page of Google, your website needs strong search engine optimization.

Having a basic knowledge on SEO is important to success of your company. If you decide to hire an outside firm, it can be overwhelming if you’re not already familiar and have some understanding of SEO yourself.

If you want to know about or purchase something, there’s a high possibility of existing site for that. The most common way people find websites is through organic search. A search engine is a web application designed to look for specific keywords and group them according to relevance.

For your site to be found by people, you need a high listing on the search engine results page (SERP). The placement in SERP is referred to as ranking. In order to reach high ranking, you need to implement search engine optimization, and the results can take time before you reach to the first page.

One of the most important part about building a website is to have it rank high enough so it will come up to the top of search engines. If your website ends up in page 100, nobody will go that far to see your website. The goal should be to get your website to the first page. And that’s exactly the goal of this manual is to teach you step-by-step in plain English how to get your website to rank high in search engine results page.

Why this manual is different? Most technical books are written for expert, but this manual speaks in practical and easy-to-understand English for those not familiar with HTML. Chapters are written in step-by-step for you to follow with plenty of examples to teach you how to do it.

Who this manual is for? If you own a small business or plan to own one, interested in online marketing, or want to create sites that not only look good but actually succeed in getting significant traffic from search engines, this how-to manual is for you.

John Stanford, author and online marketing expert will teach you step-by-step how search engine operate, optimizing your web pages with the right keywords, submitting your website to major search engines, convincing other businesses to link to your website, and moving up your site in the search engine rankings.

You will learn what to do and what not to do to succeed at SEO. If your customers use Google and your website doesn’t appear on page one, you need SEO.

Top ranking position in major search engines is an effective way to increase traffic to your website without the cost of advertising. Competition for top position is getting very tough, so it’s important for you to learn the right techniques if you want your website to rank high. By the time you finish reading this manual about SEO, you will know exactly what to do in order to rank high and attract more traffic.

Have you ever wanted to get top rankings in Google and other search engines but found it too complicated? The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization will teach you from the basic and takes you step-by-step to the most advanced techniques in plain English. You’ll learn:

  • How search engines ranks websites
  • Secrets in creating SEO-Friendly website
  • How to perform competitive research and analyze competition
  • How to analyze PageRank of your competition
  • How to find your competitors’ keywords
  • Correct steps to start keywords research and select proper keywords
  • How to create a list of most profitable keywords
  • Discover keywords that are sending traffic to your competitors
  • Using the right tools for analyzing profitable keywords
  • Discover keywords that will send traffic to your website
  • Keywords optimization strategy that plays important role in your ranking
  • Optimization strategy for primary and secondary keywords
  • How to place keywords into your content for best rankings
  • How to assign and organize keywords
  • How to distribute your keywords for best effect
  • How to measure your Google rank for your keywords
  • How to create content for SEO and your audience using your keywords
  • Create content that your audience and search engine love
  • 9 Important elements of your content
  • 12 Critical rules when you begin to write your content for your web pages
  • 9 Ways to make your text readable
  • Writing an effective call to action
  • How to create viral infographics
  • Content themes and optimization strategies
  • 18 Tips to optimize your content
  • How to optimize your content for search engine ranking
  • How to optimize your website or blog to get maximum organic traffic
  • Use proven insider optimization tips that normally take years of trials and errors to figure out on your own
  • How to create effective Title tag, Meta Description tag, Meta keyword tags, and Heading tags
  • How to optimize images
  • How to avoid content spamming and duplicate content
  • 13 Ways to avoid or handle duplicate content within your website
  • How to avoid duplicate content for split testing
  • Website creation software and SEO design strategies
  • Understanding content management system
  • Understanding SEO problems caused by content management system
  • How to develop SEO-Friendly website
  • How to create SEO-friendly web pages
  • How to keep your site’s code clean
  • How to name your files for higher ranking
  • Planning your website navigation for better ranking
  • Proper internal and external linking strategies
  • Selecting Your Landing Pages for best search results
  • 6 Important factors that directly influences relevancy and ranking of your web pages
  • How to maximize the effectiveness of your Title tag
  • How to write effective Meta Description tags
  • 6 Important factors to keep in mind when writing Meta Description tags
  • Learn how to write Meta tags, Title tags, etc. for your website; plenty of examples to show you how to do it correctly
  • 3 Important rules for Heading tags to help with rankings of your page
  • Best website design choices for mobile users
  • Testing techniques for mobile-friendliness
  • How to structure your site for automatic SEO
  • How to create search engine friendly URLs
  • 10 Tips to optimize for social media
  • Use social media marketing to boost traffic to your site
  • Tracking and measuring your success for SEO and what information to track
  • Understanding server software and Analytics
  • How to add Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to your website
  • How to Use Google Analytics
  • How to use Google Webmaster Tools
  • How to perform A/B Conversion Testing
  • How to track and measure your success
  • How to achieve top search engine rankings
  • How to avoid search engine penalties (search engine penalties are usually associated with any sudden and noticeable demotion in ranking and drop in traffic)

And so much more…

Effective Link building strategies

Links play a major role in ranking and count the links as votes for those web pages. Search engines also use links to discover web pages.

Links represent editorial endorsements of a web document. Each link to a web page is a vote for that page. However, votes do not have equal weight and links are not created equal. Some links are weighted more heavily by search engine’s PageRank algorithm than others.

Inbound linking; also called backlinks is extremely important for SEO. Backlinks are the links that point into your website from an outside website. Backlinks affects your overall ranking within the search engines. More links equals greater expertise, especially when the links are from authority sites that are relevant to the subject of your website.

Seven chapters are dedicated to link building. You’ll learn:

  • Build external links in an easy step-by-step technique that guaranty results
  • 6 Critical factors that influence link value
  • How to build your links in a natural way
  • Checklist for link building success
  • How to implement an aggressive linking strategy
  • Important tips to remember for linking
  • Identifying and attracting high-quality links
  • 6 Tips to maximize the results of your campaign
  • How to obtain links using social media
  • How to obtain links using blogs
  • Using images and infographics for Link building
  • Viral link building with infographics
  • How to look for sites to get links from
  • Discover where your competitors get links
  • Effective link building strategies
  • 8 Steps to take for an effective link request
  • What to avoid in link building
  • How to identify inbound links
  • Effective content marketing campaigns
  • Use content marketing to have quality sites link to you
  • Where to search for content ideas
  • Effective traffic driving techniques
  • Discover how to drive significantly more traffic to your website
  • How social media can have indirect influence in search rankings
  • Using niche social networking
  • Major players that can help you with the promotion of your website

And a lot more…

SEO is the most powerful Internet marketing tool to grow your business. It’s the set of tools and techniques used to organically rank websites on search engines. SEO can be used by anyone to rank at the top of Google and get a lot of free traffic.

You can improve your rankings without any more frustration with clear explanations on every important aspect of SEO. Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization will reveal the latest techniques so you can achieve top rankings and generate thousands of new customers to your site.

You might be overwhelmed by the amount of information included in this training manual. As you read it 2-3 times, you’ll become more comfortable and confident that you can do it. The steps are easy to follow with plenty of examples and each chapter is organized to take you one step closer to the optimum result.

You can either choose to continue the same path and get the same outcomes you’ve always received. But if you want something different to happen, if you want to change the direction of your business, you’re going to have to do something different. Make a new choice, and you will see the new outcome.

We decided to have this manual only in digital format and to pass the saving to you to quickly access and use this exciting and unique training manual.

The best part, you don’t have to wait days for it to arrive in the mail or pay for shipping charges. You can instantly download the entire e-book in PDF format. It is a total of 305 pages, 37 chapters, 8½ x 11 inches (21 x 28 cm) format, and copyright in 2019.

There’s a glossary of Internet terms at the end of this manual to help you familiarize yourself with terms and definitions used in SEO and online marketing.

You have the option of viewing it on your computer or tablet screen or mobile device at any size you prefer and print any portion or the entire pages of this manual and place it in a 3-ring binder if you prefer to keep a physical copy.

Printing option allows you to print and store everything in a 3-ring binder so you can review and highlight the parts for your future quick reference. Then pick up a highlighter and read every chapter as is organized to take you step-by-step into creating and optimizing your website.

This unique and comprehensive training guide is offered to you at the amazingly low price of only $37 if you Act Now! You’ll learn lots of tested techniques that work. And remember your guarantee – you have nothing to lose… but a whole lot to gain.

You’ll get the very best tips, techniques, and proven ideas for running a successful business online. The sooner you learn the lessons in this training guide and apply them, the sooner you will start to see amazing results.

Publisher’s List Price $49.97  Now Just $37 If You Order Today

100% Risk Free Guarantee

We think you’ll love this e-book. Feel free to review it for 30 days. If for any reason, you are not delighted, after you have examined it for 30 days, you may contact us for a prompt and courteous refund, no questions will be asked.

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