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How to Look 10 Years Younger Without Plastic Surgery

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Anti-Aging Breakthrough: Look and Feel Years Younger!

How to Look 10 Years Younger

Without Plastic Surgery

by David Jacobson

Part I: Look 10 Years Younger Without Plastic Surgery

Part II: Guaranteed Way to Lose Weight and Keep it Off Forever Without Dieting

Part III: How to Increase Your Metabolism to Burn Excess Fat at Any Age

Part IV: Guaranteed Way to Stop Smoking Forever

It is natural to have a desire to stay young and healthy especially when we begin to notice the fine lines and wrinkles.

With the increasing popularity of outdoor activities, it is not unusual to see people in their late twenties and early thirties with early wrinkle formation and sign of aging.

What would it be worth to you to recapture your youthful vigor, have plenty of energy, and look years younger? Can you imagine the excitement and joy of having slimmer, more attractive figure with more energy than you have had in years? Now you can achieve those results in just a few short weeks.

It is now possible to take years off your appearance without the pain and expense of plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery techniques are invasive and the results can be artificial-looking and in some cases unpredictable.

It’s a medical fact. You are in control of how your body age. You determine how fast or slow you age. By what you eat and drink. By the vitamins and supplements you take. By the things you do or don’t do. By how well you sleep. How you handle stress. How you manage your weight. The lifestyle you lead. And how physically active you are.

Everything about a healthy living must be combined if you’re serious about looking and feeling years younger and practically turn back your biological age by 10 or 15 years.

When David Jacobson, the author and an anti-aging expert wrote “How to Look 10 Years Younger Without Plastic Surgery,” he made a commitment to teach you how to achieve the youth you had 10 or 15 years ago. He has been researching aggressively on the subject of anti-aging for over 17 years. He guarantees that you’ll look younger, healthier, and feel better for the rest of your years if you follow his program diligently.

Our high-tech society has provided unlimited information, including the latest on health, beauty and cosmetic topics. Unfortunately, the amount of information can be misleading, biased, and even incorrect.

Healthy body generally leads to healthy skin. Thanks to recent breakthrough in our knowledge of the skin and how it ages and what to do to slow down or even reverse the aging process, not only on skin, but the body.

You no longer have to settle and accept aging as a common natural process or endure great physical and financial expense to repair the damages. Both women and men have access to many more choices than ever before for looking and feeling younger than ever before, and without plastic surgery.

Using a good moisturizer is essential, but there is a lot more to picking the best anti-aging skin products. Day creams, night creams, firming neck creams, anti-wrinkle eye creams – there is so much to choose from. So what do we actually need, and what should we look for when trying to find the best anti-aging skin products? There are so many anti-wrinkle creams on the market – how can you find the best one? Unfortunately it is not as simple as just looking online for the best anti-wrinkle cream.

It is commonly known that an injection of synthetic collagen under the skin only puffs up the skin temporarily. After couple of weeks, the wrinkles are back. You want to stop the wrinkling process itself at the cellular level, so your new skin cells can stay young, fresh and radiant and not get wrinkled the same way your old skin cells did.

Companies get away with high prices because too many women believe that the higher the price, the higher the quality and the better the result. The conclusion is, never use over-the-counter anti-aging creams. The only over-the counter creams you should consider are moisturizers and sun screens.

Women are constantly bombarded with advertising claims with a promise to make their skin look younger, disappear their skin wrinkles, etc. Most women have no idea which products or skin creams would make any difference in their appearance, especially when they’re paying a lot for a product that is no more effective than cheaper one.

In order to keep your skin looking at its best, delay and remove the sign of aging, you’ll need to arm yourself with basic knowledge and be able to evaluate the effectiveness of a product and determine how suitable it is for your skin.

There is constant flow of many products to the market, all with a promise to improve skin or even erase fine lines or age spots. Many women move from one product to the next in search for the magic cream to make them look younger. This is unfortunate because none of these creams really work to improve the skin and are nothing, but a moisturizing cream with different ingredient. Although these creams can temporarily work, none can erase fine lines and wrinkles.

Most anti-aging products focus on slowing down or stopping the aging process. However, in many cases, they simply make us look younger for a short period without changing anything on the inside. For example, Botox injections can fill out the skin so that wrinkles are no longer seen for a very short period, but they do not make the skin younger. We need to be very clear about that when we are considering whether it is even possible to reverse aging.

There are certain skin care treatments that can affect permanent changes to the skin’s texture and modify the skin’s underlying structure. You’ll learn how to take advantage of recent breakthrough in our knowledge of the aging process and to slow the advance of aging and looking younger than your age.

The information in this book lays out all the information you will need to look and feel years younger than ever before. Join us as we explore the exciting new knowledge and techniques now available to help you feel and look at your best.

This book is divided into four parts:

Part I: How to Keep Your Skin Looking its Best at Any Age

In part one; you will learn about many advances in basic science that are being used today to slow down and even reverse the aging process. You’ll learn important tips about Retin-A, Alpha hydroxy acids, chemical peels, coblation, laser treatments, photo rejuvenation, stopping hair loss and growing new hairs, protecting yourself from stress and depression, and many others that have proved to be helpful. You’ll learn how to take care of your skin and be able to drop years from your appearance.

You learn how to slow down and even reverse much of the damage by taking proper care of your skin and using the appropriate age-erasing treatments. You’ll learn scores of secrets for looking and feeling at least 10 years younger.

Putting together a good daily treatment is not about using every new product that makes promises. Rather, it involves in certain well-researched products that work well for your skin and using them long enough to benefit from their full effects.

In our quest for anti-aging skin rejuvenation, any short-term effect is out of question. For skin anti-aging treatments, always try to look beyond one year for the type of treatments that create youthful and natural effects in the long run. Any short term results doesn’t worth the costs and troubles.

Photo rejuvenation offers a noninvasive approach to repair the damage and to stimulate the deeper layers of skin to produce new collagen. They can reverse the sign of skin aging, such as sun damage, age spots, freckles, enlarge pores size, fine lines and wrinkles.

Nobody gets to look good by accident. Those who look young are applying proven secrets that erase the signs of aging. You, too, can be using these secrets to look years younger. And you’re going to see the most convincing proof of all in your own mirror without any plastic surgery.

To look young, you must apply every correct principle to combat against aging, both inside and outside.

Briefly, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to distinguish and separate products that really work from those that do not
  • How to take advantage of many exciting breakthrough in skin care products to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • How to find the best anti-aging skin products
  • Wrinkles: what works and what doesn’t
  • Prime cause of aging
  • Secrets to slowing down aging process
  • How to defeat the leading cause of aging
  • How to boost hormonal health and defeat hormonal aging
  • Human growth hormone (HGH) and how it can help you
  • How to naturally increase DHEA in your body
  • Proven new secrets to look years younger
  • Factors that influence the aging of your skin
  • Wrinkles: why they happen and how to fight them
  • Discover the major factors causing wrinkles on the human face and how to avoid them
  • How to evaluate and use the proper sunscreen
  • Proper use of moisturizers
  • The effect of moisturizers on your skin
  • How to choose a good moisturizer
  • Learn what works and what doesn’t on wrinkles
  • 5 Important tips to prevent wrinkles from forming
  • Secrets to skin care for looking and staying younger
  • How to slow down skin aging and keep your skin young
  • Proper skin care for younger looking skin
  • Healthy eating for healthy skin
  • Breakthrough skin care treatments for turning back the clock
  • Age-defying home care treatments using AHAs and Retin-A
  • New daily treatments for wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin, and other age-related skin problems
  • Using vitamin C cream for younger looking skin
  • How to keep your skin looking its best at any age
  • Photo rejuvenation for younger-looking skin
  • How non-ablative and ablative laser facial resurfacing can help your skin
  • Proven new secrets to look years younger
  • How to get rid of double chin naturally
  • Proper facial exercise for best results
  • How to eliminate cellulite
  • How to have a face lift without surgery
  • Gentle treatments that stimulate new collagen production and younger-looking skin
  • How to take advantage of the numerous, noninvasive breakthrough anti-aging treatments
  • Advanced treatments for a more youthful skin
  • And so much more…

How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow New Hair

Having a great looking hair has been considered a visible sign of youth, vigor and attractiveness. Hair loss is a common occurrence which affects both men and women in all age groups. About two-thirds of men experience hair loss during the course of their lifetime.

You will learn the causes of hair damage and what to do to have a healthy looking hair. You will be exposed to current available treatments. You’ll also learn some ingredients used in shampoos and conditioners. If you ever wanted to have a great looking hair, pay a close attention to this chapter. You’ll learn:

  • Common causes of hair loss
  • Approved FDA treatments for hair loss
  • Natural treatments for hair loss
  • What is the benefit of Ketoconazole?
  • How to choose the right hair care products
  • What are the best shampoos, regardless of hair type?
  • Recommended nutrients for healthy hair
  • 13 Ways to have a healthy looking hair
  • How to stop hair loss and start growing new hairs
  • And much more…

A few chemically synthesized and highly purified substances have been – and are being used for hair loss and possible hair growth. It has been shown reasonably that some ingredients in extracts of herbs in combination with certain nutrients can control hair loss and may promote new growth in the early stages of hair loss. Herbal therapies have been used to treat hair loss since ancient times.

The good news is the sooner you start to take action to combat your hair loss, the better chance you have to save your hair, and may be able to grow those that you have lost not long ago.

How to Protect Yourself from Stress and Depression

It is a fact that over 90 percent of overweight problems have an emotional cause. Stress and depression plays a big role in premature aging, undermines your immune systems, fills your face with wrinkles, causes loss of libido, causes problems in your relationship and social life, and the list goes on. You’ll learn:

  • What you can do to control aging and depression?
  • Discover the proper nutrients and physical activities to combat aging and depression
  • How to combat stress and depression, have peace of mind and to enjoy an exciting and happy life
  • And much more…

PART II: Guaranteed way to Lose Weight and Keep it Off Forever without Dieting

In part two, you’ll discover new way to lose 8 pounds in just 30 days and keep it off forever without dieting. You will be in control of your weight and not the other way around.

You will be presented with exciting facts about weight loss and healthy diets. If you ever wanted to drop some weight without gaining it back; you’ll learn how to do it successfully without starving yourself.

Recent estimates indicate that over 30 million adults are considered obese (20 percent above desirable weight).

Excess body fat has been linked to such health problems as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Excess weight can also:

  • Contribute to the development of cell growth in the prostate, pancreas, colon and breasts
  • Cause digestion problems
  • Cause lower back pain
  • Cause mood disorders
  • Increase the risk of osteoarthritis
  • Increase the risk of heart disease and stroke

When obese people lose weight, triglycerides come down, HDL (high-density lipoprotein) or “good” cholesterol goes up, and blood pressure comes down.

Overweight and overfat do not always mean the same thing. Some people are quite muscular and weigh more than average for their age and height. However, their body composition, the amount of fat versus lean body mass (bone, muscle, organs and tissue) is within a desirable range. This is true for many athletes. Others weigh an average amount, yet carry around too much fat.

Here’s a brief list of what you’ll learn:

  • Weight loss: what works and what doesn’t
  • Main causes of gaining excess weight
  • How to measure your body fat
  • What happen when you change your eating habit?
  • Why diet is ineffective?
  • How to achieve healthy rapid weight loss
  • Is low-calorie diet good for you?
  • Carbohydrate and fat in diet system
  • Planning for successful permanent weight loss
  • 19 Important tips that will help you lose weight, while strengthening your digestion
  • How to lose abdominal fat and flatten your stomach
  • Guaranteed and permanent way to lose weight without dieting
  • How to improve your metabolism to burn calories and help you stay at your desirable weight
  • How to lower your high blood cholesterol
  • Why you need an anti-inflammatory diet?
  • Guide to choosing low-saturated fats, low-cholesterol foods… 12 complete Appendixes
  • And much more…

PART III: How to Increase Your Metabolism to Burn Excess Fat at Any Age

In part three, you learn about how to improve your metabolism so you burn fat while even doing other things such as watching TV, sitting behind computer, and so on. You will learn stretching techniques, aerobic and non-aerobic exercises, and how to use it to your best advantage.

If you’ve repeatedly tried to lose weight but have been unsuccessful, it may be because like most people, your body lacks the ability to burn fat properly. In fact, severe dieting can even hinder the fat-burning process. Because when you diet, your body thinks it’s starving, so it actually starts to conserve fat and store it. And that may be why you can’t lose weight.

You have the power to remain youthful, fit, full of energy and healthy for the rest of your life. You can shape up your heart, lungs, muscles – even your brain – in just 20 minutes a day! With this program, you can burn 100 to 660 more calories while watching TV.

You’ll also learn:

  • Never suffer from back pain again. Ideal exercises for low back pain
  • Ideal exercises to cut the risk of diabetes, and lower your level of “bad” cholesterol and raise your “good” cholesterol at the same time. You also learn how to stress-proof your nervous system against worry and anxiety.
  • Exercise done correctly gives you greater flexibility, stamina, strength and energy. It also makes you happier and more mentally sharp. Improves learning capacity. Improves your immune system. Enhances your blood’s ability to dissolve dangerous clots. Promotes healthier skin and it is the secret to staying young.

It isn’t our bodies that give up, it is our minds. We all know people in their later years who have plenty of energy. They are in good mood. They laugh and smile more often. They have successful careers, hobbies, and family relationships.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about exercise – from aerobic to nonaerobic, simple breathing techniques that gives you the extra power and make your exercise more effective, stretching techniques that give you added strength and flexibility.

No matter how much or how little you may know about fitness and health, you’ll be surprised by these new facts and insider’s tips, shortcuts and more!

  • Learn proper exercising habits
  • Proper warm ups and cool downs exercises, proper breathing, and benefits of keeping good posture
  • Choosing aerobic and nonaerobic exercises
  • Flexibility exercises for overall body fitness
  • How to flatten your tommy and secrets for a slimmer waist
  • How to strengthen your back
  • Exercises for Low back pain and strengthen your lower back
  • And much more…

PART IV: Guaranteed Way to Stop Smoking Forever

And finally in part four, you’ll learn how to easily kick the nicotine habit without climbing the walls if you happen to be a smoker or have any desire to smoke cigarette.

Regardless of your past experience with trying to quit, you’ll learn step-by-step program to successfully stop smoking forever. That expensive, unhealthy habit will be gone forever in just 14 days. You’ll learn:

  • How to stop smoking forever
  • 23 Tips to prepare for a quitting time
  • Typical triggers that cause you to smoke and how to overcome every one of them
  • How to avoid and dampen urges and temptations
  • How to stay free of cigarettes forever
  • Tips to avoid gaining weight during your quitting time
  • And much more…

Staying healthy and young is an important part of life. You have the right to live a life to its fullest. For the past 17 years, David Jacobson has researched anti-aging programs that for the most part are natural, effective, and provide promising longer lasting effect for both women and men to achieve a full quality life.

When you start to feel good about yourself, you are more likely to want to make other positive changes in your lifestyle that will help your weight under control. In fact it can keep you feeling and looking young even as the years piles up.

What this book can do is let you look far younger than your age and keep you looking young and feeling young.

We decided to have this book only in digital format and to pass the saving to you to quickly access and use this exciting and unique book.

The best part, you don’t have to wait days for it to arrive in the mail or pay for shipping charges. You can instantly download the entire e-book in PDF format. It is a total of 216 pages, 24 chapters, 8½ x 11 inches (21 x 28 cm) format, and copyright in 2019.

You have the option of viewing it on your computer or tablet screen or mobile device at any size you prefer and print any portion or the entire pages of this book and place it in a 3-ring binder if you prefer to keep a physical copy.

Printing option allows you to print and store everything in a 3-ring binder so you can review and highlight the parts for your future quick reference. Then pick up a highlighter and read every chapter as is organized to take you step-by-step into looking and feeling younger.

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